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60x60 2003 CD on Capstone Records
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First 60x60 CD
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Request your favorite work on the 60x60 (2003) CD at Contemporary Classical Internet Radio

60x60, Acosta thru Campbell, received airplay July 26, 2005 on Canary Burton's, The Latest Score at WOMR 92.1 FM Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Tracks from the 60x60 (2003) will be broadcasted on the NPR radio show, Theme and Variations, hosted by William Everett. Broadcasted on YPR with an Internet simulcast, Theme and Variations combines classical music and literature. on Sunday, July 3rd at 11am MST, the radio show will focus on "shorties" -- micro-fiction (2 pgs and less) and very short musical works.

Listen to Frank Oteri being interviewed by John Schaefer on the archived radio show, Soundcheck at WNYC talking about short durational pieces and the 60x60 project.

The 60x60 project's Radio Request Extravaganza on Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar, June 11th, 2005 played several works from the 60x60 (2003) CD with a request show including 60x60 (2005) submissions. 60x60'd right up to 120x100! The 60x60 project was featured on the K&D show trying to play as many of the 60x60 project pieces as possible. With nearly 900 to choose from K&D managed to squeeze in 100 sound bits in two hours. If you want to join the excitement, listen to the archived show (Show #523)

The 60x60 project is receiving weekly airplay on Max Shea's Martian Gardens Including our encore performance of the 2005's Radio Request Extravaganza on June 12th, 2005. See the play list here. For 6 months, Max Shea has been using the project as a road map to finding and broadcasting the longer works of the composers included on the CD.

The 60x60 project was performed on Wednesday April 27, 2005, http://art-radio.net/ with Steve Bradley on WMBC Baltimore, Maryland

April 3rd, 2005 on DIFFICULT LISTENING Presenters, Bryce Moore and Sarah Combes broadcasted the 60x60 CD in Perth, Australia on RTR FM

The 60x60 project was performed on Tom Lopez's Foldover radio show on February 28th, 2005 in Oberlin, Ohio

The 60x60 project was performed on Gregory Alan Taylor's rtqe (remember. those quiet evenings ) on February 20th, 2005; WORT Madison, Wisconsin

Not including a special sneak peek performance Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar on Feb 14th, 2004

60x60 contains 60 compositions from 60 different composers, each composition is 60 seconds or less in duration. These 60 recorded pieces are performed in an hour long continuous concert. The performance is played in conjunction with a synchronized analog clock marking the passing of each minute. At the top of the minute begins a new composition from a different composer.

This compact disc adaptation of the 60x60 project is created for 3 different listening methods: The first is sequentially; each work in listened to in a designed order. The second is on random play, where there is no order. And the third is to listen to each work repeatedly for an extended period of time. Each method brings a different view and understanding to the composer's work and vision.

he goal of this project is to highlight many composers. The project presents a cross-section of contemporary music, including the various styles, aesthetics and techniques being used by the composers of today. 60x60 is a circle of sound, 60 pieces representing a slice of the contemporary music scene. The works in this volume of the 60x60 project represent the submissions received for the year 2003.

"Not since John Cage's "Indeterminacy" has the flow of time from one minute to the next been so significant. " - Doug Cohen

"Diversity meets homogeneity; great choice of music arranged in an effective pacing."-Eldad Tsabary

"Andy Warhol gave us fifteen minutes to bask in glory, but Rob Voisey has cut to the chase: state your case in 60 seconds or less. I love the 60 x 60 project and have encouraged my friends and colleagues to join in its celebration of compact clarity. 60 x 60 is a musical equivalent of having someone stick a microphone into your face at a party. Do you have something to say? If so, then say it now, and be quick about it. It isn't often that we have the opportunity to confront our angels and demons head on." - Noah Creshevsky

An homage to 60x60(2003)

"It's really wonderful to hear so many miniatures from so many composers. I loved the sounds from all the people I know and it was great to hear some great pieces from people with whom I am not familiar. ... This CD certainly demonstrates great breadth." - Maggi Payne

"The standard and inventiveness is outstanding, some of it has been a real eye-opener." - Justin Breame

"Nearly all of the works are spine-tingling. The sound is crystal-clear, and the program book is very helpful... I have a feeling that these discs will stir a lot of interest in academic and other musical circles worldwide."-Dwight Winenger

"The CD is tremendously diverse! I will most definitely use the CD as a teaching tool for my students. Each track offers an introduction to its composer's sound world and begs for discussion of its compositional technique." -Daniel Eichenbaum

"...the most pleasant surprise is how well they [60x60 pieces] work together as a set. This has a lot to do with how you [Robert Voisey] arranged them, but even on random play it holds up very nicely. The differences among the works are expected, but the many similarities were less so. I wonder if people using similar tools is part of the reason for this? Or has electroacoustic music (more so than the live instrument works) reached some sort of plateau of sameness? A set of conventions--conscious or not--seems to have crept into things." -David Mooney

"60 x 60 has provided an insight to a dense array of talented artists who yielded a broad spectra of creative reactions to a rigid temporal constraint. And the CD's a wicked-good listen, to boot." - Chris Ward

"I've listened through 3 times and it's a great collection. I was impressed by the variety of the sounds and styles, as well as the incorporation of humor and political elements that are usually lacking from more academic EA compilations. The sequencing was superb. " - Eric Lyon

"The Capstone CDs sound great. I did not know that you were changing some of the pieces from the first concert - I saw that about 3/4 were the same, but about 15 new works. I haven't seriously compared them, but I think I like the ordering of the first concert more - I liked the way pauses were distributed during the concert. All in all it's great though. " - Norman Herkamp Adams

"... it is stellar. I have been listening to it for the morning and am impressed by the quality of the work and the sheer amount of work you put into it...excellent! I am proud to be in such good company." -- David Campbell

"Congratulations on a very enjoyable project! I've been having a blast listening on random play... " - John Mallia

"The cover art looks great! This is very exciting, thank you for making this possible. "- Aaron Acosta

" It is great! I loved the graphical art of it, and the music is great." - Nery Bauer

"...a nice mixture of styles and sounds."- David Hahn

"They look and sound wonderful." - Elaine Fine

"The Capstone CD is great. A lot of variety and quality. Nice job... the liner notes are awesome." - Mark Petering

"I've been listening and I think it's a great disc, very well-sequenced and holds my attention throughout. To be honest, I couldn't be happier with my little piece. ... All in all, it makes for a great late-nite listening experience... "- Sean Hickey

"I really enjoyed the whole 60X60 CD. A lot of interesting sounds one after another every 60 second is truly great idea."- Mikako Endo

The 60x60 (2003-2004) Release on Capstone Records includes the following composers:

Acosta, Adams, Alexandra, Allemeier, Bathory-Kitsz, Bauer, Berkowski, Berry, Brickman, Brunner, Campbell, Carlson, Claman, Cohen, Creshevsky, Cuellar, Devore, Eichenbaum, Endo, Fine, Geers, Giusti, Gottshcalk, Green, Hahn, Hegarty, Herber, Hickey, Jones, Kinney, Leach, Link, Lockwood, Lopez, Lyon, Mallia, Marlow, Mason, Mooney, Moussa, Nichifor, Nicols, Oppedisano, Payne, Petering, Pritsker, Russo, Schuessler, Schwab, Schwartz, Shatin, Solare, Stallings, Strange, Thigpen, Tsabary, Vernusky, Villec, Voisey, Ward, and Winenger