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60x60 (2010 / Canada Mix)
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60x60 (2011 / Canada Mix)
1It’s About Time Again Gustav Ciamaga
2 defibrilla Tova Kardonne
3but for a moment Soressa May Gardner
4 You Sarah Boothroyd
5Four About Four ONE Matthew Reid
6Not Reason But Habitual Jackson Darby
7Singular Plural Adam Basanta
8wire forest, wooden sea. Michael Baker
9Elitism 2 Victor Manuel Garibaldi
10Short Study Emilie Payeur
11Mayor Ford David Kettle
12 DTHR Stephen Rieck
131 minute about time Alice Nocturnal Neil T. Griffith
14The African Piano Student Brian Quaye
15 Geoffrey Ambrose Pottie
16This Is A Box Quodlibet 2010 Edan Scime Stokell
17 Experiencer Paul McFetridge
18Tines Machine James Finnerty
19 Immanentisme Steve Lalonde
20 Kakusei Yota Kobayashi
21 Geometric Jeremy Hiebert
22Brass Monks Luke Scriver
23 Credo Peter Cavell
24Cloud Seven Scott M2
25 Granulated Florence Masson
26Shoreditch Distant Memory Rose Bolton
27Saint's Rest II William J. Blakeney
28déluge 1 flémèche Pierre Desmarais
29Cellular Activity Zoe Bacchus
30Aqua Build Keri Matthews
31 Memory Teresa M. Connors
32Revisit 1 11: piandora Steven Naylor
33 Destiny Paradise Lust
34 Sorry Mark Prier
35Boo Radley's Eulogy Nicholas Dorian Schofield
36My Voice Cracks When I Get Too High The Dry Heeves
37bldr_suft Ede Cameron
38 Tether Meat Cove Choir
39 Foreplay Mescaline Worms
40 ninpt Mark Hannesson
41 Clitorectomy Vulva Underground
42Heart Lung Machine Eldad Tsabary & Yifat Cohen
43Tribal Motor Sebastien Lavoie
44Kim Syed Ahmad Rotor Fine Irfon
45Beside the Landscape Scattered Everywhere Max Evans
46 Manipulations Guillaume Côté
47Dark Twiller Alexander B. Matthew
48WHEEL: Voices of People with Dis Abilities Sylvi macCormac
49 Wailings Anthony St.Pierre
50Pacific Standard Time Caleb Cobell
51Where does time go? (For Nina Simone) Nimalan Yoganathan
52bound&(somewhat)determined Daryn Bond
53Nancarrow's Dream Michael Davis
54D60 Samuel Macklin
55 40 Kye E. Marshall
56Steel wool study #5 Jonathan Desjardins
57En l'air Georges Forget
58Ghost train Eric Boivin
59Spring Rain A Free Form Haiku Kenneth Babb
60DoubleBass ilkim tongur