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60x60 Dance (2011/International Mix)
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60x60 Dance pairs 60 composers with 60 choreographers
for an electrifying one-hour performance

"An express without any delay....
It's this kind of madness that makes the cultural world go round."

The New York Times

60x60 Dance -- a one-hour multimedia extravaganza featuring an exciting mix of contemporary dance and electronic music. Embracing a grass-roots ideology, 60x60 Dance takes 60 one-minute audio works culled from an international pool of emerging and established composers and assigns them to an equal mix of 60 local choreographers assembled by macro-choreographer/director. The resulting collaborations are presented, without interruption, as a continuous one-hour performance synchronized to an on-stage analog clock.

"A minute can be plenty of time to express a whole gamut of imaginative sounds and movements, or it can be a challenge, forcing the artist to isolate what is most important in his/her work," Vox Novus's founder/director Robert Voisey explains. "60x60's goal is to disseminate a cross-section of aesthetics in an exciting format to a broad spectrum of people."

Eclectic by nature, 60x60 Dance offers an unmatched diversity of styles, making for a fast-speed, electrifying one-of-a-kind performance that never ceases to surprise. Dance influences will range from ballet to postmodern movements, while music includes neo-romantic, folk, tech-house, noise, rock and everything but the kitchen sink.

60x60 was originally conceived of as an electronic music project, collecting 60-second works by composers and sound artists from around the world. Since 2003, 60x60 has featured the work of more than 2000 composers in concerts spanning the globe. From the beginning 60x60 was a natural vehicle for collaborating with other art forms. Initially this included video, photography and sculpture. In 2007, 60x60 teamed up with choreographers and 60x60 Dance was born. 60x60 Dance has featured more than 500 choreographers and 1000 dancers. Since then this unique collaboration has produced twenty exciting shows in New York City, London, St Louis, Montreal, Toronto, Columbus and Kansas City.

Each performance run featured a different group of composers and choreographers.

60x60 Dance - The Sheldon - St Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO - September 2, 2011 - HEARding Cats Collective, St. Louis' newest presenter and producer of adventurous arts events, has received substantial financial support from the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation for the 2010 production of 60x60 Dance, in co-presentation with The Sheldon. 60x60 Dance will take place Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011 at 7:30 pm at the Sheldon Concert Hall (3648 Washington Blvd.) as part of the larger American Arts Experience festival. Tickets range from $15 to $7, and can be purchased via Metrotix.com, by calling 534-1111, or at the door.

Created by New York-based composer and new music impresario Robert Voisey, 60x60 Dance, is a masterfully coordinated multimedia collaboration that features a surprising diversity of aesthetics. The work pairs 60 unique 60-second music compositions-each by a different composer-with 60 St. Louis choreographersfor a continuous one-hour concert of music and live dance.

Voisey received more than 600 one-minute musical submissions from national and international composers, which he narrowed to 60, 60-second pieces to form the one-hour recording. Because local choreographers and dancers are given artistic power to create their own expression for their 60-second piece, the production is different every time it's produced.

60x60 Dance will showcase the finest dancers and choreographers in St. Louis for an opportunity to create an evening of magical abstract expression. Both experienced and budding choreographers and dancers will be exposed to the sophisticated patrons of the American Arts Experience in the perfect acoustics of the Sheldon Concert Hall.

In the past, the 60-second "musical haikus" have ranged from avant-garde sampled/re-mixed found sounds, to smooth jazz. In performance, this wide musical variety results in a mixture of dance pieces that involve individuals as well as groups in very traditional, but also futuristic, creative dance techniques.

60x60 Dance - St Louis
2011 International Mix
1) Music Time Willy Zep Brad David Decker
2) Gametime for Don Van Vliet 60x60 Vivian E. Watt Brent Wilcox
3) Frenetik Jessica Stack Robert Ratcliffe
4) Orm712 Summer Beasley Oscar Recarte
5) Just Lounging Around Holly Lammert Joseph Perkins
6) Sections for Acoustic Guitar Kathleen Grupe Antony Griffiths
7) A Texan in Japan Melissa Anderson Mason Jacob Lieberman
8) Breakthrough Rachel Brady Carya Amara
9) The Road Home Sara Brendel Xo Xinh Nguyen
10) recitative Heather Beal Yota Morimoto
11) Better Letter Keli Hermes Robert Dick
12) Infinite Dhwani Kathy Diehl Nivedita ShivRaj
13) Infoswarm Jeffrey Miller Laurie Spiegel
14) James Brown, John Oswald, Vicki Brown Nathan Scott Bowen
15) Quiet Town Will Ashley Meyer Douglas Geers
16) This Is A Box - Quodlibet 2010 Robin M. Berger Edan Scime Stokell
17) freerunner Hettie Barnhill Susan Ann Brewster
18) American Recall Audrey Simes Sabrina Pena Young
19) Mike's Morning Wake Up Warm Up Alicia Jonas Nadia C Smith
20) Random Shortcuts to Success Deborah Fahnestock David Morneau
21) Etes-Vous Celibatarire? Catherine Stygar / Tori Towery David Hahn
22) Quartet Theme Asha Prem Nick Fraser
23) sárábándòl Claire Peterson Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
24) Metallaxis for Wind Quintet Keith Tyrone Williams Evis Sammoutis
25) Knight Kristin Best Yuanyuan (Kay) He
26) Rogue Souls Ashley Tate Tricia Minty
27) Panic Attack Natasha Jensan Stavros Choplaros
28) Mrs Macaroni Diana Barrios Julia Norton
29) A Summer in Montaio Laura Lander Franz Troeger
30) The Good German Mary Ann Rund Pete von Petrin
31) La Ilaha Il Allah Vivian E. Watt Brian S Adler
32) Reach for the Stars Joselyn Simms Edmund Jolliffe
33) vocal and electric piano Emily Taul Milica Paranosic
34) Introit Dianna Andrews-Gaither Paul John Rudoi
35) frognight Loryl Breitenbach Anthony Hood
36) below/above the surface CiCi Houston Maggi Payne
37) Aubade Gail Wechsler Rodney Waschka
38) Angel moments Sheila Rabbitt Les Scott
39) A Mind's Eye Tanya Shea Peter Coyte
40) Lizzie in the stars and snowfall Nelly Patino Joan La Barbara
41) Credo Donna Patzius-Hill Peter Cavell
42) Free Sue Mary K. McEntee Chris Vaisvil
43) sullen Hannahbeth Fischer Robert Voisey
44) in secessio Linda Evans Leslie Melcher
45) Metal Etude No. 1 Philip Edgecombe Jeremy Scott Van Buskirk
46) Blood Arica Brown Peter Lucas Hulen
47) 60x60 Solo Darcie Star Pauline Oliveros
48) Soon Lindsay Kelly Stewart John Maycraft
49) The National Grid - Project Serendipity Miranda Donley Paul Russell
50) Foreplay Mary Ann Rund Mescaline Worms
51) Resolve Residue Christine Goldmann Gene Pritsker
52) [SH]ift Gwen Meeker Cora Camille & Audra Angelique
53) Be of Happiness Cora Camille Angela McGary
54) The Sirens of Plaquemine Arica Brown Eve Beglarian
55) otherside of my window Stacey Gerst Don Dinesh Subasinghe
56) Flashback Hilary Peterson Patricia Walsh
57) Voodoo Girl Andrea Peoples Miss Diamond DJ
58) So much more Erin Walker Kat Boelskov
59) Fly Joan Lipkin Henry McMillan
60) Goodbye song Full Cast Matt Van Brink
1) Music Time
If only the world were as bright and sunny as the voices in kids' toys make it seem. Are they delusional, or are we? Let's count to ten, and find out.
Willy Zep
Willy Zep strives for a dance synthesis reflecting the history of existing in a human form using the resource of past lives. He is dancing with Wolfpuppy and Mel Trad.
Brad David Decker
Brad Decker is a composer, improviser, and performer of music of many styles and genres. He is currently concerned with creating music that combines musique concrete, digital synthesis, live performance, and composer/performer interaction, for live improvisation or fixed media. Many of his recent projects have been interdisciplinary collaborations involving video, sculpture, and text, while often drawing on influences from music of all parts of the world. His works have been performed both natio
2) Gametime for Don Van Vliet 60x60
A piece constructed mostly from two smaller modules. After the great Don Van Vliet passed away, I realized that this piece was strongly influenced by Captain Beefheart (as is probably much of my work).
Vivian E. Watt
Vivian has choreograped musicals extensively for The Black Rep, Unity Theater Ensemble, taught aCOCA, and has taught Jazz and Dunham Technique throughout the country while currently being Artistic Coordinator for Better Family Life.and Normandy 21st Century.
Brent Wilcox
Still making sound sculptures... since 1978
3) Frenetik
Influenced by the hyper-accelerated drum patterns of breakcore, 'Frenetik' highlights the ways in which human-performed material is often 'dehumanized' (electronically modified) for inclusion within electronic dance music (EDM). This involved a process, whereby fragments of small performance extracts (breakbeats) were used as 'found objects' to provide initial material for the piece. These extracts were subjected to deconstructive editing techniques and electronic processing (for example, time-stretching), before reconfiguration into new arhythmic patterns. The result is a flurry of raw, glitch-based rhythmic and timbral counterpoint in which periodicity and symmetry are deliberately concealed in order to mask an unchanging 4/4 pulse.
Jessica Stack
Jessica E. Stack has a BFA from Stephens College. She is President of Missouri Dance Organization. Jessica has choreographed and/or performed with aTrek's developing artist project, Creative Pandemonium, Rhizze Entertainment, Ivory Theatre and others. Jessica also has a passion for dance photography and was selected to photograph the 2011 NYC Dance Parade.
Robert Ratcliffe
"ROBERT RATCLIFFE " composer, academic researcher, EDM musicologist and performer " is currently completing a Ph.D. in composition (New forms of hybrid musical discourse) at Keele University (UK). He is the first composer to develop a musical language based on the cross-fertilisation of contemporary art music and electronic dance music (EDM). His works are regularly selected for international concerts and festivals, including most recently: the Australasian Computer Music Conference, the Borealis Festival, the Breizh Entropy Congress, Esta Casa Esta Sonada, Espace du Son, the International Computer Music Conference, KcEMA, NIME, RadiaLx 2010, Sonic Art Oxford, Tsonami 2010 and 60x60. http://www.myspace.com/visionfugitive "
4) Orm712
Composed using soft synths and a sampler, arrenged in Ableton Live, sound processing in Max/Msp and Ableton Live. The track is based on the experimentation with noise and saturation using them as fullt rich rhythmic elements.
Summer Beasley
Summer Beasley began her modern dance training at Webster University. She continued her dance and theater education at Lindenwood University while working with the Modern American Dance Company. Summer’s work has been seen in Washington D.C., Seattle, Kansas City, MO, extensively in St. Louis, and most recently in Panama City. She is currently the vice president of the Missouri Dance Organization, Chair of Dance for MOAPHERD, teaches dance and creative movement at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School and performs with both Dawn Karlovsky and Dancers and aTrek Dance Collective.
Oscar Recarte
Self-taught musician and multimedia artist born in Arequipa - Peru in 1984. I work with computers and electronics into the field of music video and interactive installations. I've perform in diferent cities of my country with many diferent proyects. I'm founder member of Mias colective and also colaborate with Asim'tria proyect, both interested in the development of electronic arts via Festivals, workshops, concerts, netlabel, etc. "
5) Just Lounging Around
This is my attempt at the "elevator music" sound/style. There is a lot of ambiance in the piece, coupled with an arpeggiating guitar line, a lead guitar line, a bass line, drums et cetera. I have never really done anything like this before, so I found it very interesting.
Holly Lammert
It is your point of travel it is your time of change. It is very important to understand the thought further than the horizon, the space between where earth meets sky. I am wolfpuppy small part of this universe, a reflective position surrounded by Love and Art, idealistic in stance with unlocked chains. I dance wolf phoenix the balancer. The path is the passion in you it’s a big fire. I know that norms determine fate - I am learning to draw destroy. Know where you want to be. It is my time of transformation to be at one with the air in my body.
Dancers:Holly Lammert and Willy Zep
Joseph Perkins
I am a 19 year old college sophomore that is studying Music Technology at Transylvania University.
6) Sections for Acoustic Guitar
This piece was especially composed for the 60x60 program, for this composition I decided to keep the concept simple; my piece is played on just ne instrument, so that I could concentrate on the melody and direction of the piece. I chose my favourite instrument, an acoustic guitar. The piece has three sections; the first one is a fingerpicked melody, the second a strummed section, overdubbed with an elaborating melody in the higher regions, and the third a closing fingerpicked section.
Kathleen Grupe
Kathleen Grupe holds undergraduate degrees in Dance and Arts Management from Lindenwood University. She attended Webster University for her masters in Arts Management and Leadership. She has extensive training in ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance. Katie performed with MADCO (Modern American Dance Company) for 6 years, where she served as a dancer and choreographer. She currently serves as the Dance Teacher and Chair of the Fine Arts Department at Incarnate Word Academy. She teaches all levels of dance curriculum and choreographs the musical productions.
Debra Lacavich is originally from southern California, where she performed at Disneyland for four years. She began her formal studies at the University of Utah and with local companies in the Salt Lake City area before transferring to Lindenwood University. She graduated with a B.A. in Dance and a B.S. in Athletic Training. While in Missouri, Debra has performed as an intern and apprentice with MADCO. She has been teaching at Renee Johnson's Dance Studio since 2002 and Dance Floor since 2007.
Antony Griffiths
I am a 21-year-old composer, studying for my final year of Music Composition and Lancaster University. I am an avid acoustic guitarist, and also like to employ piano heavily in my compositions. My inspiration as a composer comes from a range of influences; they vary from folk, to classical and farther. My aspiration as a composer is to work in the film and TV industry.
7) A Texan in Japan
'A Texan in Japan' is based on my real life exploits as, you guessed it, a Texan in Japan. As a young kid, I travelled to Tokyo for a wedding. It was quite uncomfortable at first, and downright strange to me, but in the end, I realized that I really loved the country, and miss it now. These sentiments are represented in this vaguely asian piece, as combined with the awkward yet comedically timed Banjo. This is my tribute to the Junko and Hero!
Melissa Anderson
You Are Here Dance
Melissa Anderson studied dance at Arizona State University and completed her BFA in Dance at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. While at MMC she studied intensively with Milton Meyers, Cassandra Pfieffer, and Anthony Ferro. Melissa founded YouAreHere Dance with her sister, Laura Lander in 2004. She has taught at COCA, St. Louis Academy of Dance and at the Dance Co-Op.
Mason Jacob Lieberman
Mason Lieberman is is a young composer based in Nacodoches, Texas. He will do anything legally applicable for food. That is all.
8) Breakthrough
Any meaning is unintentional and subjective.
Rachel Brady
Rachel Brady holds a B.A. in dance from SIUE and has worked with Madco, Atrek and Suzanne Grace. She presented choreography in Dance Now and Dance Detour. She spent 2 years in New York teaching, performing, choreographing. She currently choreographs musicals for Alton Little Theatre, Alton High School and runs her own dance program. She has three children Gabriel, Anna Sophia and Julian.
Carya Amara
The long-running, low-profile electronic music project Carya Amara (est. 1980) defies categorisation, slowly making music which may be melodic or atonal, discordant or beguiling.
9) The Road Home
This piece is done with a 16 strings Vietnamese traditional zither and Max/MSP. Now close your eyes. Let me take you with me on the journey back to the East where I used to run with bare feet and breath in the moistened heat.
Sara Brendel
Sara Brendel started her career dancing for Norwegian and Princess Cruise Lines. She went on to perform in Branson, Missouri with the production shows "Dino's - Somewhere in Christmas" and "The Shoji Tabuchi Show". Sara danced in the Broadway-style production of "Katonga" at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. She has worked industrial shows for the Tampa bay Buccaneers, Nissan Motors, Siemens technologies, and several other companies with Event Show Productions and Belle of the Ball Productions. Sara has performed beside talented dancers with the Les Grand Ballets Canadians and appeared in the musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". Sara received her education from Columbia College Chicago and Webster University as a dance major with a concentration in choreography. Sara judges talented dancers across the country for Rainbow Connection Talent Competition and is a faculty member for Dance Rogue Intensive Workshops. Sara has choreographed award-winning pieces for dance studios around the Midwest, specializing in contemporary and jazz.
Xo Xinh Nguyen
I am a first year MFA student in Electronic Music and Recording Media program at Mills College, Oakland, California.
10) recitative
Combining field recorded sounds of chanting monks and an accidental computer generated sound file, I imagined a brief recitative piece of a strangely un-religious tone, having a hope that even in this transient musical moment, failure, or usually opposing matters would be put together.
Heather Beal
HEATHER BEAL, a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago is thrilled to be working with the 60x60 Dance/Music Festival again. She was a principle dancer with the Katherine Dunham Museum Children’s Workshop Performance Company from the age of six into young adulthood. She performed with the company around the United States and France. She has performed in several productions at The Black Rep and at the St. Louis MUNY. She recently choreographed Pericles, Ruined and is nominated for a Kevin Kline award for her choreography in The Me Nobody Knows. Heather currently teaches Dunham Technique at Washington University in St. Louis and is a proud first time mom. Heather would like to thank her mother, family and loved ones for their continued support, Katherine Dunham for her legacy, and God for the gift of dance.

Alicia Gbaho (Depry) better known as Sunshine, the Urban Jewel, has been studying and performing dance since her young years at the Katherine Dunham Center in East S. Louis, IL. Later, she attended Illinois State University while becoming a company member of Illinois State Dance Theater and NOIR Competitive Dance Ensemble. At ISU, Sunshine’s multi dance training led to her performing all over, at many local and national venues which includes, but is not limited to: Lupe Fiasco (Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Artist), Afriky Lolo, The Slaughter Project, JPEK Creative Works, The Legendary Showtime at the Apollo, R&B Sensation Jznalle. Other credits include productions as REAL Life, The Mask, The Goddess Zaouli, Sundiata: The King of Mali by Afriky Lolo. In 2007, Sunshine developed her own visionary company “Beyond Measure Dance Theater” where she is touching lives through the arts. Her late mother Catherine Deloris Williams always said, “If you want to know more about whom my daughter is, it’s in her dance”.
Yota Morimoto
Yota Morimoto (*1981) is a Japanese composer born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, currently undertaking a research at The Institute of Sonology in The Netherlands. His works explore unconventional approaches to generating and transmitting sound, implementing models of noise, turbulence and abstract machines. He has performed in festivals and conferences such as TodaysArtFestival [den haag], NWEAMO [mexico], Transmediale [berlin], ISEA [ruhr], ICMC [belfast], and SMC [porto].
11) Better Letter
Better Letter is for overdubbed bass flutes, with a dog cameo. Panning is made acoustically, right from the flutes. What could be Better?
Keli Hermes
Keli Brook Hermes is from Dallas, Texas. She graduated with distinction from the University of Oklahoma in 2006 with a B.F.A. in Modern Dance Performance. In 2004, Keli's piece 'Intentions' won the Scott Salmon Choreography Award and in 2005, Keli was invited to show 'Females Part One' at Summerfest/Dance '05 in Dallas, Texas. Upon graduation, Keli moved to St. Louis to dance with Modern American Dance Company for four seasons completing tours to Michigan and Florida and performing in concert performances including the 2009 production of ‘Chimera’ by Todd Weeks. In 2009, she was also hired as a teaching mentor for St. Louis Artworks. While with MADCO, Keli performed works by Robert Battle, Michael Foley, Jon Beasant III, and Cecil Slaughter. In 2009, Keli was a guest artist with the University of Missouri St. Louis dance program and in 2010 her choreography was shown at St. Louis Dance Festival and 60x60 Dance. In fall 2010, Keli also danced with Common Thread Contemporary Dance. Keli's current focus is towards educating her students and expanding her choreographic style.
Robert Dick
Robert Dick is best known for being the composer/performer who is the leading light in the world of new music for flutes. He's an old hand at free improvisation and has performed and recorded with many of the best. His compositions have been recognized with many grants, fellowships and commissions. In addition to his flute music, Dick likes to write chamber music and has a lifelong interest in low-tech musique concrete.
12) Infinite Dhwani
Dhwani is the Sanskrit word for sound. Sound is infinite, in all forms. A pleasant, beautiful sound is enjoyable music to the ears. "Infinite Sound" is based on the carnatic raga Hindolam, a pentatonic scale. It symbolizes the endlessness of the sound and the raga with just five notes. Musical expressions have no boundaries, but can be created for a given boundary of time.
Kathy Diehl
Kathy Diehl, a native of Rochester, New York, began her professional dance career with Rochester City Ballet in 1985. She earned an MFA in Dance from SUNY Brockport in 2010 and has been a member of the Bill Evans Dance Company for 4 years. Diehl has performed extensively throughout New York, Connecticut, and Virginia in works by Larry Keigwin, Mariah Maloney, Anne Burnidge, Treeline Dance Works, and Anne Harris Wilcox. She has taught dance studies at SUNY Brockport, University of Rochester, and Hobart and William Smith Colleges and has recently accepted a Visiting Professor position at Webster University. Diehl has presented choreographic works at the American Dance Guild, American College Dance Festival Association, Rochester Contemporary Dance, and Converge Dance Festival.
Nivedita ShivRaj
I am a composer, performer and teacher of carnatic music the classical music style of South India proficient in both vocal and instrumental forms and play the ancient multi-stringed instrument Veena. I lead a world music band -"Charanams". I create original works blending traditional carnatic music with MIDI music. I have performed extensively both in India and USA. I offer workshops on carnatic music in public school and colleges.
13) Infoswarm
Information comes at us faster and faster and more and more dense, bits and streams of repetition and new stuff. Our minds flit and strobe between this and that substream, but somehow we still sometimes manage to filter it all down and can focus.
Jeffrey Miller
Since 1970, people have been calling me Jeff Miller. Lately, however, I've been known to many as "Mef Jiller" - particularly on stage. But the truth is, I do not know who I am. I have a terminal degree in the Fine Arts and have been able to travel and exhibit and teach and learn and perform around the world a bit. La-dee-frickin-da. I have made plenty of mistakes and had near death incidents and issues with virtual homelessness. Oh, poor me. There are times in a man's life when he questions just about everything and he rails against existence, searching for meaning and purpose in a long lost world. This is not one of those times. Simply put, as my Aussie pal Muz Patterson like to say, "You're a fool if you dance, you're a fool if you don't dance, so you may as well dance."
Laurie Spiegel
Laurie Spiegel is a New York composer who is increasingly overwhelmed by the speed and density of info in the world, the city, the cybersphere, her own mind ... although maybe even in simpler times long ago life was already so full and rich and that even then it was all more than could be deeply processed.
14) , James Brown, John Oswald,
Cutting, copying, and pasting are some of the most fundamental acts we do on computers. This process has created tremendous moral and legal disputes in terms of authorship, ownership, and piracy. Yet we essentially cut, copy, and paste when we learn a new word and use it in a sentence. In an effort to recycle and reuse old content in new ways, I offer this short mashup of a mashup: James Brown's 'I Can't Stand It "76"' quoted in John Oswald's 'James Brown: Black' is now diced up yet again.
Vicki Brown
Beyond Motion Dance Company http://www.beyondmotionproductions.com/danceco.php#
Vicki Brown, Artistic Director, has directed and choreographed for her own dance company "Beyond Motion" in Dallas/Fort Worth and St. Louis. She taught ballet, modern and jazz dance and has directed/choreographed television commercials and marketing/ entertainment videos. Alison Zagarri, Dancer is a ballet teacher at Dimensions Dance Center. Alison graduated from Lindenwood College with a degree in dance and a strong background in modern dance. Grace Sanford, Dancer is a Senior at Metro High School where she plays tennis and soccer. She¹s begun choreographing her own work for Metro dance performances. She also dances at COCA.
Nathan Scott Bowen
Nathan Bowen is currently an Assistant Professor at Moorpark College in California, serving as director of music theory and music technology. He is also completing a Ph.D. in Music Composition at the CUNY Graduate Center as a Chancellor's Fellow, having studied with Amnon Wolman and Tania Léon. Nathan has written music for a variety of genres, including film, theater, dance, commercial, and chamber music. His current interests are networked music, mobile phones, and compositions geared towar
15) Quiet Town Will
This work was created from one sentence spoken by President Barack Obama. Political speech, loaded with rhetoric and symbols, is commonly spliced and re-contextualized. Here Obama's words are split, stretched, and streamed. Do his words still resonate?
Ashley Meyer
Ashley Meyer, 17, is thrilled to contribute her choreography in the 60x60 Dance/Musical Festival. Ashley was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She has had 15 years of extensive dance training and is currently captain of the Mehlville Pantherette Dance Team. Ashley has also contributed and performed around the St. Louis area with the Muny Teens Touring Company, performed in five Muny seasons, and was one of the top ten finalist in the Fox St. Louis Teen Talent Showcase. An interesting fact about Ashley is that she is a national baton twirling competitor and was Miss Majorette of Missouri for seven years. Other titles include top 10 in the Miss Majorette of America Pageant and Missouri State baton solo & strut Champion, Captain of the Mehlville Majorette national/world champion baton line, and Mid-west region baton champion. Her goal is to attend college, then choreograph and own a performing arts studio. She is thankful for her family, friends and God!
Douglas Geers
Douglas Geers is a composer who works extensively with technology in composition, performance, and multimedia collaborations. His works include Inanna, a 90-minute multimedia theater piece (2009); an opera, Calling (2008); Sweep, written for the Princeton University Laptop Orchestra (2008); and a violin concerto, Laugh Perfumes (2006). Geers studied composition and computer music at Columbia University with Tristan Murail, Fred Lerdahl, Brad Garton, and Jonathan D. Kramer. He is an Associate
16) This Is A Box - Quodlibet 2010
This piece, originally for 7 channels, was created under the guidelines: The source audio is no longer than 2 seconds of speech, no processing or editing allowed besides Cut, Copy, and Paste, in addition to amplitude modifications.
Robin M. Berger
Diva La Tap www.divalatap.com
"Diva La Tap was formed in 2001 as a vehicle for upcoming tap performers and carries on the traditions of the true American art form of tap by performing all over the St. Louis area. This group of professional performers and instructors, teaches the history of tap through dancing, demonstration and dialogue. The group’s main philosophy is to explore rhythm through collaboration and improvisation. The members of Diva La Tap feel honored to have performed in the St. Louis Tap Festival Participants Showcase, Mayor's Mardi Gras Ball, Repertory Theatre ArtStart program, and many area dance festivals. In 2010, Diva la Tap produced two Tap cabarets with Charles & Nikki Glenn."

Diva La Tap Professional Tap Group
Diva La Tap was formed in 2001 as a vehicle for upcoming tap performers and carries on the traditions of the true American art form of tap by performing all over the St. Louis area. This group of professional performers and instructors, teaches the history of tap through dancing, demonstration and dialogue. The group’s main philosophy is to explore rhythm through collaboration and improvisation. The members of Diva La Tap feel honored to have performed in the St. Louis Tap Festival Participants Showcase, Mayor's Mardi Gras Ball, Repertory Theatre ArtStart program, and many area dance festivals. In 2010, Diva la Tap produced two Tap cabarets with Charles & Nikki Glenn. The members of Diva La Tap are: Robin M Berger, Shelley Muellhaupt, Leslie Murphy, and Taylor Pietz

Robin M Berger - Artistic Director
Owner and director of Leaping Lizards Performing Arts Studio. Robin has 29 years dance experience; Director/Choreographer of the Leaping Lizards On Stage performing group; choreographer and member of the professional tap company, Diva La Tap; 1994 graduate of Webster University receiving a BFA degree in Visual Arts with a minor emphasis in Dance; performed in community and professional theatre for twenty years including: the MUNY and Radio City Music Hall in Branson, MO; attended master Tap classes with: Jimmy Slyde, Cholly Atkins, Fayard Nicholas, Debbie Dee, Spencer Prince, Leonard Reed, Robert Reed, and Robert Reed, Jr.; choreographed for Crestwood / Kirkwood Youth Theatre, C&C, New Jewish Theatre, Kirkwood Theatre Guild, American Legionettes, CBC, Clayton H.S., Nerinx Hall High School and Webster Groves H.S.; studied at the Joel Hall Dance Center in Chicago, IL; Joel Hall scholarship recipient 2000 Arts For Life Award recipient; Resident choreographer for New Line Theatre.

Taylor Pietz
Graduate of University Missouri Saint Louis with a degree in Advertising; studied dance at Leaping Lizards Performing arts Studio for over 10 years; co-founder and director of Leaping Lizards On Stage performing group; attended the Fine Arts Academy at Southeast Missouri State University in 2002; performed for many community and professional theatre groups including New Line Theatre, STAGES St.Louis, Take Two Productions, Bravo Theater Group, KTG; dancer and extra in the film The Game of Their Lives; also a classically trained pianist and piano teacher. Represented by West Model & Talent Management in the Talent department. Voted 2010 Best Actress In A Musical in the RFT!

Shelley Muellhaupt
Visual artist by day, tap dancer by night, and grad student for at least three more semesters, Shelley Muellhaupt is know for her ecclectic resume. She started dancing when she was two and went on to compete in the " Miss Sunflower Pageant" and cried her way home without a trophy and without regrets. Fast forward several years with a ten year hiatus from dance, Shelley attended San Francisco Academy of Art College; for nearly a decade, she was employed as a children's footwear designer with a St. Louis company. Still feeling something was missing, Shelley found tap again the first day she stepped through Leaping Lizards' door and has since become a member of Diva La Tap. In her copius amounts of free time, she completed her BA in Psychology/ Minor in Studio Art from University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2009 and is currently pursuing her MA of Psychology with an emphasis in Behavioral Neuroscience at her alma mater. Additionally, Shelley sings and taps with a local rock band, Devil Baby Freak Show, and continues to create mixed media artwork. Ms. Muellhaupt is thrilled to be a performer with Diva La Tap.

Leslie Murphy
Leslie Murphy graduated from Webster University with a BFA in Dance and departmental honors. While at Webster, Leslie performed tap, modern, jazz, pointe, and aerial with the Webster University Dance Ensemble. Leslie also performed in the Chicago Dance Festival and National American College Dance Festival in New York City and at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. In addition to her training at Webster, Leslie studied at the American Dance Festival in North Carolina where she was selected to perform with Janis Brenner & Dancers for the Hollins University MFA Concert. Leslie has choreographed professionally for the Imaginary Theatre Company of St. Louis’ production of "My Father’s Dragon" and Hixon Middle School’s production of "Annie Junior". Leslie is excited to be in the St. Louis area where she is on staff at Dance Productions and Renee Johnson's Dance Studio and Leaping Lizards PAS as a substitute instructor. Leslie is the newest member of Diva La Tap.

Edan Scime Stokell
I am a 2nd year student in Concordia University's BFA in Electroacoustics. Originating from Toronto coming from a diverse musical background, I moved to Montreal in 2009 to pursue an education in music.
17) freerunner
Freerunning is the art of expressing yourself in your environment with no limitations" a quote by Sebastien Foucan. I love the philosophy of freerunning and the idea of following your own way. I didn't start out with a freerunner in mind but the philosophy is in tune. A freerunner sprung out of the track and it just made perfect sense.
Hettie Barnhill
Ms. Barnhill is a 2006 Honors graduate of Columbia College in Chicago majored in dance and twice honored in Who’s Who of American Colleges and Universities. Hettie has worked with numerous choreographers internationally and received many awards including several dance scholarships, such as the Young Artist Scholarship (American Dance Festival); The Wiesman Grant for her choreographic piece (Homegrown).
Susan Ann Brewster
Susan Brewster is a composer and multi-instrumentalist born in America in the state of Indiana, raised in Wisconsin now living and working in London, England. Having studied piano from a young age she was introduced to a number of musical traditions including classical, folk, dixieland, barbershop and ragtime. She began composing as a teenager and at 19 performed professionally in a country western band. She continued with music while studying at University of Wisconsin and in her early 20s relocated to New York City where she performed her own songs in folk clubs around Greenwich Village. Some of her songs were recorded on compilation albums which are now part of the Smithsonian permanent collection. She became involved in theatre while working on a New York City street theatre tour with Theatre for the New City. She continued to pursue music and drama after moving to London where she has composed for fringe theatre and short films. In 1996 she was included in the International Who's Who in Music 15th Edition. She has an interest in inventing instruments, scales and musical theory and in music as a story telling medium. She has a view to have works performed by experimental ensembles incorporating elements of installation art, dance and theatre.
18) American Recall
"You recently purchased a product that will kill you. You are a valuable consumer. "
Audrey Simes
"Audrey Simes was born and raised in Southern California. At the age of ten, she began her artistic career as a musician and dancer. Her love of concert dance, choreography, improvisation, and performance art began to blossom at Webster University, where she currently attends. Audrey has performed throughout the United States and overseas in Hong Kong, China, and Thailand. She has trained with Ron K. Brown, Jennifer Narin-Smith, Robert Battle, Gina Gibney, Beckah Reed, Jimena Paz, Iyun Harrison, Alicia Graf, and many others. Last year, she performed at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation twice and collaborated on an installation and choreographic project for Artica festival in St. Louis. The expanding influence of art in her life has led her to design an interdisciplinary performance art major, which encompasses a range of her artistic capabilities."
Sabrina Pena Young
Intermedia composer and obsessive sci-fi buff, Sabrina Pena Young composes mind-numbing electroacoustic works heard in Asia, the Americas, Australia, and Europe. Her music has been heard in film festivals, radio, electronic dance clubs, random boom boxes in France, and as not-so-pleasant background music. Performances include the Beijing Conservatory, ICMC, Art Basil Miami, Miramax's Project Greenlight, London's Angel Moving Image Festival, SEAMUS, and the NY International Independent Film Festival. Young recently won the IAWM New Genre Prize for her multimedia oratorio "Creation". Young's latest endeavor is "Libertaria: The Virtual Opera", a sci-fi animated opera that combines a live cast with a virtual choir, sound synthesis, and machinima.
19) Mike's Morning Wake Up Warm Up
Best listened to in a dark room with surround sound and percussion instruments all around.
Alicia Jonas
Alicia graduated from Webster University where she earned degrees in Dance and Management. Upon graduation, she went on to become a four year company member of MADCO, a locally-based modern dance company, and also choreographed three of their works. Additionally, she has performed with aTrek Dance Collective and in AnnonyArts "Dine on Dance" series and was invited back to Webster U. in 2007 to set an original work. Alicia has had the opportunity to work with Robert Battle, Alcine Wiltz, Helen Myers, Michael Mizerany, Michael Foley, and Katherine Duke, as well as St. Louis choreographers Cecil Slaughter, Alice Bloch, Rob Scoggins, Diana Barrios, and Summer Beasley. She has performed at DanceNow NYC, Toronto Fringe Festival, Contemporary Moves Festival, and St. Louis Dance Festival. She is also the Program/Managing Director of Arts in Motion, a dance school dedicated to providing technique-based modern and ballet in the surroundings of a positive, supportive environment.
Nadia C Smith
Student at Transylvania University in Introduction to Music Technology - first music class but a long history of music appreciation.
20) Random Shortcuts to Success
Shortcuts are a kind of experimentation, often with unpredictable results.
Deborah Fahnestock
Dance Project Youth Performing Ensemble www.danceprojectstl.com
Deborah Fahnestock trained at Dance Project from an early age. She received her BA in Creative Writing with a Minor in Dance from Lindenwood University, where she studied on scholarship. At Lindenwood, she studied Modern dance with Kate Cleary, Rob Scoggins, and Alice Bloch. She creates and writes the narratives for Dance Project's summer productions. Deborah is the assistant director of Dance Project's Youth Performing Ensemble and was the rehearsal director of the local children's cast for Moscow Ballet's "Great Russian Nutcracker" in 2007 and 2008. She is also the studio's assistant webmaster and sound designer. Br>
Dancers:Nicole Czajkowski and Liz Moushey
David Morneau
Described by Molly Sheridan as a "flashing beacon" of inspiration, David Morneau is a composer of an entirely undecided genre. In his work he endeavors to explore ideas about our culture, issues concerning creativity, and even the very nature of music itself. Morneau's eclectic output is best exemplified by 60x365, his "ambitious yearlong musical project" for which he composed a new one-minute composition every day. Morneau's current ambitious composition, Love Songs Project, is a collaboration with eleven poets that combines Shakespeare's sonnets with contemporary poetry in genre-crossing songs. Learn more at http://5of4.com
21) Etes-Vous Celibatarire?
Êtes-vous Célibataire, while the word does not have the exact meaning as its English cognate--it gives us the sense that we as monks are celibate--or single--alone in front of our machines--watching the drones attack, experiencing assassination aesthetically packaged in a brief video which can be shared with our friends. Of course, the piece is also a rarefied French lesson which I took while listening to something else on my through the window of my chateau.
Catherine Stygar
I grew up in St. Charles and wanted to dance all my life but couldn't afford traditional dance classes so I practiced on my owe by trying to copy what I saw in movies. When I reached high school, I joined the dance team there and this is were most of my dance skill was built. Now for the past year I have been a choreographer and dance director for a show that takes place once a month at my church.
David Hahn
David Hahn (Philadelphia, 1956) has composed many diverse pieces of music, some commissioned and performed by established professional ensembles and soloists... he has also collaborated with artists in film, theater, spoken word, and other media...he was educated at Brown University, the New England Conservatory of Music, and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, and received the doctorate in musicology at Stanford. His music career began as a performer on lute, guitar, and mandolin...last year he got a grant from the Seattle Mayor's Office for the Arts and Cultural Affairs..but there are no words left.
22) Quartet Theme
Quartet Theme is a jazz theme song. Two bands that I played in (the Nick Fraser Quartet and Drumheller) often used this theme to open and close our sets. Many groups in jazz history have used this type of composition as a "welcome" or a "send-off" (or both), notably Duke Ellington and Miles Davis. This recording is by Drumheller.
Asha Prem
Dances of India
For the past 30-plus years, Asha Prem, the Artistic Director of Dances of India, has been instrumental in introducing St. Louis to the classical art of Bharata Natyam and in breathing new life into this ancient style of dance.

Nartana Premachandra has been learning and performing classical & folk Indian dance nearly all her life. She is also a writer and public speaker. Please visit: readnartana.wordpress.com to learn more about her.
Aparna Kalyanaraman is a lover of movement and especially adores the dances of India and Senegal. She is working on her Master of Arts in Teaching Dance from Lindenwood University and is currently a teaching artist with Springboard, teaching dance in schools across the city.
Nick Fraser
Nick Fraser has been an active and engaging presence in the Toronto new jazz and improvised music community since he moved there from Ottawa in 1996. A Juno Award winner, he has worked with a veritable "who's who" of Canadian jazz as well as many international figures including Anthony Braxton and William Parker. He co-leads the collective quintet Drumheller.
23) sárábándòl
Monsieur Raymond plays in ever expanding and contracting pitches notes from the Bach sárábándòl.
Claire Peterson
Current junior at Cor Jesu Academy, Claire Peterson studies classical ballet at the Center of Creative Arts (COCA), where she began taking classes just two years ago. This is her second 60x60 show and first time as a choreographer. She also enjoys many types of performing outside of dance such as singing and acting in plays and musicals. She loves improvising and choreographing with her sister Kate in a make-shift studio in their attic. She thanks everyone who has supported her so far, especially her family, friends, and teachers. Many thanks to Dawn Gilbertson, Norma Gabriel, and Mimi MacDonald for all the wonderful lessons and inspiration.
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
As part of the post-Fluxus generation of independent artists, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (born March 14, 1949) composes and advocates for the presentation of nonpop. He has created more than 1,000 works. Since 1995 he has co-hosted the award-winning "Kalvos & Damian" radio show, and he developed the We Are All Mozart project, composing 100 works on commission in 2007. His music includes uniquely designed electronic and acoustic instruments; computer software/hardware; synthesizers, e-boxes, electronic costumes, and the Rhythmatron; and extended voice performances. He co-founded the Vermont Composers Consortium and the NonPop International Network.
24) Metallaxis for Wind Quintet
Metallaxis is an ancient Greek word, meaning transmutation. In its English literal pronunciation (Metallaxis), and if one was to remove one L, it creates two new words: Metal + Axis. Consequently, the horn, the only brass (or metal) instrument of the group frequently serves as the axis around which things evolve, and as the only "metal" instrument of the group, is the dividing line between flute and clarinet on one hand and oboe and bassoon on the other.
Keith Tyrone Williams
Innervision Dance Theatre
Keith Tyrone Williams Director/Choreographer/Dancer. MFA Degree from Lindenwood Univ. Keith has performed, directed, and choreographed thoughout the United States and extensively in Europe. His work has been seen locally at Powell Symphony Hall, and in more than 15 productions at the Muny Opera and St. Louis Black Rep. Choreography for: "Bubbling Brown Sugar" and "Raisin" which received the Woodie King award for "Best Productions." Keith has appeared both On and Off Broadway. Last seen in "The Full Monty" at Stages St. Louis. Keith is very proud to be among the few people certified by Katherine Dunham to teach the world renowned Dunham Technique and he is the proud recipient of the Katherine Dunham Dance Award.
25) Knight
"Do you remember that the real knight existed in the ancient civilization. Who is their ancestor? and where do they come from? Why did they disappare? When did they disappare? These are mysteries. People only can image the heroic body that Fighting for the vast ancient civilization. This piece depends on Sonar, Samplitude as a platform, using small, very specific sound materials to developed, narrating gently the process of knight fight for truth and justice, as well as the knight civilization filled with sand, and those fact which never can be confirmed ! Kay
Kristin Best
Kristin Best is an instructor of dance and director of the University Dance Company at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She is a member of both Turn of Change Dance and aTrek Dance Collective. Kristin has a MFA in dance from the University of Iowa and a B.S. in dance from SIUE.
Yuanyuan (Kay) He
"He Yuanyuan (Kay) started learning piano at the age of five. She entered into the affiliated middle school of Shenyang Conservatory of Music to learn composition in 2001. In 2004, she was accepted to the Composition Department at the Central Conservatory of Music in China. In the following year, she was admitted to Center for Electroacoustic Music of China (CEMC). Last year, she was accepted to the Conservatory of UMKC to pursue a master degree. Her pieces won some awards of composition competition. Many works have been performed in various concerts which received extensively good comments.
26) Rogue Souls
"Rogue Souls" is an electronic-art-piece about wandering souls that are trapped on earth unable to escape to heaven or hell. These souls are neither happy nor sad. They simply just roam and travel around the world while watching the living. A reoccurring theme throughout the piece is female choir voices which represent the souls calling out to each other. I also chose to use female choir voices for the 60x60's Athena Mix which will be composed of 60 composition pieces by 60 female composers.
Ashley Tate
Ashleyliane Dance Company
Ashleyliane Dance Company (ADC) is a professional performance organization under the artistic direction of Ashley L. Tate, who also serves as the head choreographer. The Company offers outreach activities that include choreography, performances, master class instruction, workshops, and private lessons. ADC is committed to creating a comfortable atmosphere for adult dancers to continue learning and growing as artists and for young dancers to find their niche. The Company brings together dancers from all over the city, in turn creating a cohesive dance community. Dance is evolving and dance styles are blending more ­every day. ADC’s repertoire spans several genres, which illustrates their style as a fusion of urban street and studio technique.
Tricia Minty
Tricia Minty is a composer of concert music, electronic art music, and music for media. Her chamber ensemble piece "Wicked Dreams" won the 2010 Thanatopolis Music Prize award. In addition, her electronic piece "The Closing Corridor" was selected to be part of the 2010 ICMC mix of 360 degrees of 60x60, and premiered in the 2010 Dance Parade on Broadway in New York City. She currently resides in California and is pursuing her Bachelors degree in Music Composition under Dr. Kenneth Froelich.
27) Panic Attack
"Panic Attack" is about the person next door who desperately seeks for help but we never answer the call. As we all can relate, despair may lead someone to self-destruction. Who knows? Maybe we are next"
Natasha Jansen
Natasha received her BFA in Dance from Webster University in 2000, where she was a company member and a soloist with Webster Dance Theater. She is a four time national gold and silver medal winner at sports acrobatics national championships. Her performing credits include The David Dorfman Modern Dance Company from New York, the Glenwood Springs Colorado Modern Dance Festival, Toronto Dance Theater gala performance in Toronto, Canada and several corporate events in Chicago and Los Angeles. She is a recipient of over 50 regional and national choreography awards including 2 “National Choreographer of the Year” awards. Her work has been performed on “Star Search”, by RASA Dance Chicago, and most recently at The Worlds Dance Championship Series in Dallas, TX. Her work is featured in the Cathy Roe’s Choreographers Video collection. She is a judge for regional dance competitions throughout the country. She is a co-founder and co-director of MOVE, a St Louis professional dance company.
Stavros Choplaros
Stavros Choplaros was born in Cyprus. He received both his BA and MA in Musicology from the Music Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, and his M.M. in Composition from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University Long Beach in the United States, where he studied with a Fulbright Scholarship. There, he studied Composition with Dr. Alan Shockley and Dr. Adriana Verdié. He also earned a Diploma in Violin performance (A.B.R.S.M.) as well as Music Theory from the Royal Schools of Music. Stavros has composed in a wide variety of musical styles and ensembles.
28) Mrs Macaroni
I sat down to write something beautiful...always a mistake. I particularly like the fart noise at the end of the horses neigh.
Diana Barrios
aTrek Dance Collective, Diana Barrios www.atrekdance.org
Diana Barrios is the Director of the aTrek Dance Collective. She received her BA in Dramatic Arts, Dance from the University of California, Berkeley where she founded the Annual Outdoor Festival of the Arts, a one day interdisciplinary collaboration of artists designed to generate support and visibility for the arts. After college, she took a hiatus from dance and worked as a senior producer and managing partner of Web Zeit, one of the first wave of Internet development firms located in Manhattan. Ms. Barrios has choreographed eight works that have been shown in both Berkeley, California and New York City. She danced from 1994-1997 with the Bay Area Repertory Dance Company, touring throughout California and Mexico. Ms. Barrios has had the opportunity to study dance with Mark Morris, Merce Cunningham, Bill T. Jones, Susan Marshall, Margaret Jenkins, Joe Goode, Stephen Petronio and Robert Moses, and with company members from Alvin Ailey, Margaret Jenkins, Twyla Tharp, Paul Taylor, Martha Graham, Trisha Brown, Oberlin Dance Company, Elizabeth Streb, and Isaacs/McCaleb & Dancers, David Dorfman.


Blaize D'Angio is a newcomer to the St. Louis area. She hails from North Carolina, via Beloit, WI, where she completed her BA in Dance and Women's & Gender Studies. She has performed around the Midwest with the Beloit College Chelonia Dance Company, worked as choreographer, dancer and teaching artist in Beloit area public schools with the student-run Repertory Dance Company, and was a founding member and co-director of Noisedance, a dance and music collective creating guerillish performance. Prior to college, Blaize was a featured performer and choreographer with belly dance company Illyom ou Boukra, of Asheville, NC. She also danced in Baraka Mundi's 2005 production of Secret of Ashes: The Phoenix Reborn, and two productions with Asheville's Surreal Sirkus. She is currently a program instructor with Club KidFit and a newly dubbed dancer and teacher with aTrek Dance Collective.

Hannahbeth Fischer graduated cum laude from Saint Mary’s College, IN (SMC) with a double major in Humanistic Studies and a Student Designed major in Digital Media, Dance and Women’s Studies. Hannahbeth has danced and toured with South African based performing arts group 13thFloor and worked with David Dorfman’s Underground. While at SMC, Hannahbeth founded the student group TransPose [dance collective] which innovated peer-taught classes and produced a student dance concert each semester. As a sophomore, she was the recipient of the Catherine Dooley Grant for Peace and Justice. In addition to her investment on campus, Hannahbeth engaged with the arts culture of South Bend, investing in [river park arts community] and the development of community artspace, LangLab South Bend. With her interest in digital media, Hannahbeth produces dance + technology pieces. She produced a video-art installation for the Bold Beauty Conference 2010 and headed up the event planning committee and the digital project support team for the Bold Beauty Conference 2011. Before leaving school, Hannahbeth created and produced a full-length film/dance concert, Caught, presenting at both SMC and LangLab South Bend. In the summer of 2010, she created a piece with aTrek’s Developing Artist Project and has returned to invest in the development of aTrek’s new group LeverEdge, an artist incubator.
Julia Norton
Born in the UK, Julia now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she teaches singing, composes vocal music for live theatre and solo voices and helps elementary school kids write operas from scratch. In her own work she draws inspiration from the emotional heart of a subject and often uses extended vocal technique to seek out the edges of discomfort, irreverence and harmony.
29) A Summer in Montaio
For years, Franz Troeger has been working on an opus "99 little Encores for general Purpose". There are many divisions of this work like pieces for piano, songs, recorders and - last but not least - music boxes. This little piece for music box and voice describes a changing cloud at an Italian evening sky. The funny poem was written by Robert Gernhardt; one of the most famous lyricists of our days in Germany. It ends in the direct address of the poet: “What is the problem, cloud?”
Laura Lander
You Are Here Dance
Laura Lander received her BFA in Dance from the University of Colorado/Boulder and her MFA in Dance from New York University. She founded YouAreHere Dance in 2004 with her sister, Melissa Anderson. Laura has taught throughout the St. Louis area, including at St Louis Community College, COCA, St. Louis Academy of Dance and at the Dance Co-Op. She is currently on the faculty at St. Louis University.
Franz Troeger
Born 1961. Studied music and history in Munich and Berlin (Germany). Music for stage plays, exhibitions and readings. Speciality: rare instruments like music boxes, harmonicas and organas. For additional information see www.plingplong.org
30) The Good German
"Pete von Petrin's "The Good German" is a moment of noise surrounded by silence; a moment of expectation followed by a chance to contemplate. An over-amplified sample from the television series "Hogan's Heroes" violently erupts, evoking a sense of familiarity as well as shock The conflict between the Kitsch inherent in the source and the listener's visceral response to the painful sound creates a moment for reflection on the listener's role in the composition.
Mary Ann Rund is an independent choreographer/performer who teaches dance arts as well as somatic disciplines as an adjunct faculty member of Washington University and Webster University. Mary Ann has produced/directed several concerts; her choreography has been included in various local and national venues. She also serves on the Board of Missouri Dance
Pete von Petrin
"Pete von Petrin is a San Francisco based sound artist. From 1994 to early 2010, he performed and recorded under the name "fognozzle". He is known for his unpredictable live performances, which usually include an intense light show. Von Petrin has collaborated with musicians across a wide spectrum of styles, including William Fowler Collins, and composer Erling Wold. He has performed at the Northern California Noise Festival (2010, Sacramento), International Noise Conference (2008, San Francisco), the Luggage Store New Music Series, the SIMM Series, Godwaffle Noise Pancakes, the Hemlock Tavern, and as a soloist with the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra. "
31) La Ilaha Il Allah
La Ilaha Il Allah is Sufi prayer that translates directly to "There is no deity except God." Here it is played by Prana Trio, which was established to transfer the universal idea of breath into a format based around musical freedom. The Trio is comprised of Sunny Kim: vocals, Stomu Takeishi: acoustic bass guitar, and Brian Adler: drums.
Brian S Adler
New York drummer, Brian Adler, is well versed in many forms of improvised music including jazz, groove based, and ethnic music. According to Cadence Magazine's David Dupont, "Adler's percussion is sure-footed and, when called upon, majestic," In 2003, he founded Prana Trio based around ancient sufi and zen texts. His latest project Helium brings together creative improvisers from around the world, performing and recording collaborative and original works. Brian has had the privelage to work with: Gene Bertoncini, Ran Blake, Marilyn Crispell, Dave Fiuczynski, Kate McGarry, among others. Adler holds a Bachelor's Degree from the New England Conservatory of Music.
32) Reach for the Stars
Reach for the Stars is a simple happy piece that builds.
Joselyn Renae Simms
Joselyn Renae Simms began her dance training in Edwardsville, Illinois at Rena’s Dance Unlimited. Currently she is working towards a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance with an emphasis in ballet at Webster University. With the Webster University Dance Ensemble Joselyn has performed pieces by Monica Newsam, Michael Uthoff, Antony Tudor, and Alicia Graf Mack and has been cast in numerous Bachelors of Fine Arts concerts. At the American College Dance Festival Joselyn has performed works by Alison Brandon-Watkins (2010) and Louis Williams (2011). Joselyn has also had the honor to study with the Kansas City Ballet in 2010 and perform works by Jon Lehrer, as well Jennifer Huffman and Omar Olivas during the Impulse Summer Dance Festival (2011). Joselyn is currently performing with Turn of Change Dance Collective and the Bachelor’s of Fine Arts concerts at Webster University.
Edmund Jolliffe
Edmund's music has been performed all over the world and in many prestigious UK venues, including the Wigmore Hall, St. John's Smith Square, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Purcell Room, the Old Vic Theatre, Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral. He studied music at Oxford University and completed a Masters in Film Composition at the Royal College of Music under Joseph Horovitz. He also studied on the Advanced Composition Course at Dartington International Summer School under Pavel Novak in 2004 (supported by the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust) and at the Banff Center (artistic residency) in 2010. Performers of his music include Nicholas Cleobury, David Campbell, Darragh Morgan, John Rutter, Frances-Marie Uitti, David Titterington, James Bowman, O Duo, Nicholas Collon, the Micallef-Inanga Piano Duo, Rarescale, The Royal College of Music Saxophones, RWCMD Saxophone Choir, Trinity College of Music Wind Orchestra, Ensemble 10/10 (of the RPO), Sounds New, Kensington Chamber Orchestra and the Chapel Royal of St. James' Palace, amongst others. His music is published (by OUP and Recital Music) and released on CD by various ensembles. He also writes music for television and has written music for over 100 programmes, both in the UK and internationally.
33) vocal and electric piano
"Bojano is a piece inspired by a traditional Serbian tune. Vocal and piano tracks are performed, recorded and produced by Milica Paranosic."
Emily Taul
Emily Taul graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Mass Communications. Presently, she performs and choreographs with the Turn of Change Dance Collective of Maryville, IL. She has performed in Dancing in the Streets, National Dance Week, and aTrek Dance Collective's 2010-2011 seasons. While at SIUE, she was awarded the Student Choreography Award for "Branded" in Student Dance Concert 2009, the Outstanding Dance Student Award for 2009, and was a recipient of the Alcine Wiltz Award in Dance for 2008 and 2009. She has choreographed for SIUE's Dance in Concert 2009, National Dance Week, SIUE's Spring Opera Dido & Aneus, Turning Pointe Academy of Dance, and Parish School of Performing Arts, where she won numerous choreography awards. While at SIUE, she performed in Dance in Concert 2005-2008, Student Dance Concert 2005-2009, and the American College Dance Festival. Emily is the choreographer for the Jersey Community High School Theatre and Vocal Music Departments and Carrolton High School's Drama Department.

Erin Taul is a senior at SIUE and has been a member of the SIUE Dance Company, under the direction of Kristin Best-Kinscherff, for one year. In the company, she has participated in Dancing in the Streets 2010, 60x60 2010, ACDFA 2011, and performed with Eisenhower Dance Company at SIUE. During her four years at SIUE, she has performed in Dance in Concert 2007-2010, Student Dance Concert 2008, and has performed and choreographed in Student Dance Concert 2009-2010 and ACDFA adjudication concerts 2008-2011. Outside of SIUE, she has performed in Atrek’s 2009-2010 season. She is currently involved with the Turning of Change Dance Collective in Maryville, Illinois. She will be setting a piece on the SIUE Dance Company for Dancing in the Streets 2011, and choreographing for St Louis vocal entertainment group Push it to the Limit, under the direction of Jon Spindler.
Milica Paranosic
milica paranosic is a composer, multimedia artist and educator based in new york city. h=Her work is and eclectic mix that combines different media and cultural influences, often seemingly unrelated. She has performed, had her works performed and lectured throughout the world Milica has been on the faculty of the Juilliard School in New York since the day she earned her Master's Degree in composition there, and an as educator continues to find and fulfill new challenges. She recently founded Give to Grow, and Eduction and Cultural exchange initiative that brings technology and education to the underdeveloped communities.
34) Introit
The text of this work is excerpted from the beginning of James Weldon Johnson's poem "The Creation". This poem is the second of seven sermon-like poems in his iconic book of poetry, "God's Trombones". This short piece for choir can live in the concert hall, but it is most effective as a recorded work where, in between each voiced line, one can hear the nothing of empty space, ideally anechoic in nature, which could have surrounded God prior to the initial Creation.
Dianna Andrews-Gaither
Dianna Andrews-Gaither received a BFA in dance from Webster University. She was also granted departmental honors upon graduating. Dianna furthered her studies in New York City at The Ailey School, where she extensively studied the Lester Horton technique of modern dance. She has performed with The Ailey School, Opera Theater of St. Louis, Slaughter Project, Atrek Dance Collective, Webster University Dance Ensemble, and other local venues. Dianna’s choreographic works have been shown at American College Dance Festival; Dancing in the Streets and Dance in Concert at Southern Illinois University Edwarsville, 2010 and 2011. She has over ten years of teaching experience and is one of the four founding company members of Turn of Change Dance Collective. Dianna is currently on staff at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in the dance department
Paul John Rudoi
Paul J. Rudoi, composer and tenor vocalist, has performed and recorded with various notable ensembles throughout the country. Since joining the male vocal ensemble Cantus in 2008, Paul has worked with such respected artists as Bobby McFerrin, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and the James Sewell Ballet. As a composer, Paul has received grants and awards from the American Composers Forum, Boston Metro Opera, The Young New Yorkers Chorus, and VocalEssence. His compositions have been performed by various choral ensembles around the nation, including Cantus, the National Lutheran Choir, the Singers: Minnesota Choral Artists, and the Anglican Singers.
35) frognight
"The inspiration for frognight came from the sounds of frogs, cicadas, birds and other natural elements during a visit to far north Queensland, Australia. Some of these can be heard through the piece. Additionally, saxophone has been used, with multiphonics chosen to match the pitches of the cicadas, and a melodic fragment that traces the bird call. Many thanks to Katia Beaugeais for her performance and advice on the saxophone."
Loryl Breitenbach
As a graduate of Webster University Loryl Breitenbach has taught, choreographed and performed in the Metro area for over 20 years. Her work has been performed and presented Mid American Dance Company, ACDFA, aTrek, Webster University, Turn of Change Dance Collective, Dancing in the Streets, SIUE Dance in Concert series as well as Walt Disney World. Loryl currently shares her many talents with Turn of Change Dance Collective, aTrek, and Dawn Karlovsky and Dancers, teaches at Turning Pointe Dance Academy, and serves as Secretary for the Missouri Dance Organization.

SIUE University Dance Company
Dancers : Shawnee Haycock, Erin White, Nick Blaylock, and Melissa Riley
Anthony Hood
Anthony Hood is an electroacoustic composer and lecturer in Music Technology at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney. His interests include sound spatialisation, microtonal tuning, and using technology to enhance music teaching and learning.
36) below/above the surface
Beneath the water's edge in the tidal wetlands, a lively sonic world beyond human's limited hearing range flourishes. Using hydrophones, I captured some of these sounds, including sea creatures ripples, bubbles, and sand, shells, and pebbles carried by wave motion. The last segment captures the same location from above the water's surface.
CiCi Houston
Alexandra Ballet alexandraballet.com
CiCi Houston trained with the Virginia School of the Arts, and performed professionally both locally and internationally. She joined the Alexandra Ballet faculty in 2003, where she was Ballet Mistress and Company Administrator until her recent promotion to Associate Director. Her responsibilities include teaching, rehearsing, restaging, and choreographing repertoire.

ALEXANDRA BALLET, founded in 1984 by Artistic Director Alexandra Zaharias, has provided the finest ballet productions in the St. Louis area for over 25 years. Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty, Coppélia, Cinderella, La Fille Mal Gardée, Graduation Ball and The Firebird are among the notable productions offered over the last two decades.
Although best known for these outstanding traditional full-length productions, Alexandra Ballet frequently premieres new works in modern and contemporary dance forms as well, working with innovative choreographers from around the country each season. Award-winning pieces such as Untitled for Unaccompanied Cello (’85 winner of the prestigious international Astral Award), contemporary ballet Giverny (’04 winner of RDA’s Monticello Award for Choreography), and Unplugged (’10 National Choreographic Recognition Award recipient) are just a few of the remarkable entries in the company’s extensive repertoire. The company was selected to represent the RDA Mid-States Region at the 2010 International Ballet Competition, where they performed Lyn Wiltshire’s Hora Tango (’09).
Students of Alexandra Zaharias have gone on to major companies worldwide, including Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, American Ballet Theatre, Birmingham Royal Ballet (UK), Houston Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, New York City Ballet, and Pacific Northwest Ballet. As a founding company of the Mid-States Region and current Honor Company, Alexandra Ballet constantly strives to find new and exciting ways to accomplish its mission to educate, elevate, and enrich the lives of those in our community through the art of dance.
Maggi Payne
Maggi Payne composes music for dance and video, and is a photographer, recording engineer, flutist, and Co-Director of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her works are available on Innova, Starkland, Lovely Music, Music and Arts, Centaur, Ubuibi, MMC, CRI, Digital Narcis, Frog Peak, Asphodel, and/OAR, Ubuibi, and Mills College labels.
37) Aubade
One definition of the word, "aubade" is "a song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak." This aubade uses only a very short recording of songbirds at dawn (heard at the beginning of the piece) to create the music. Many songbird species are threatened with extinction in various parts of the world. Here, the songbirds become a human female chorus of lamentation.
Gail Wechsler
Gail Wechsler is a long time student and some time performer and choreographer of modern dance. She has performed with Dawn Karlovsky and Dancers in "Dance Now!" in 2000, "Assemblage" in 2006 and in "One River Mississippi" in 2006. She co-directed, choreographed for and performed in "Moving Voices," a benefit concert for the Siteman Cancer Center, in 2007. She performed in "Still Crossing" choreographed by Liz Lerman as part of the Washington U Dance Theatre production in the winter of 2008.
Rodney Waschka
Rodney Waschka II, composer, is best known for his algorithmic compositions, his unusual operas and theater pieces. He frequently composes music for traditional ensembles. His works often include electronic computer music or other media: visuals, theater, or poetry. Recent premieres include a trumpet concerto in London, a piano concerto in St. Petersburg, Russia, and a piece on the psychology of pick-up lines for flute and tape. Recordings are available on Capstone, Centaur, and other labels. Waschka teaches at North Carolina State University.
38) Angel moments
When I go to London and step into the street from the station, I often feel that people are rushing by me at a completely different speed of life from here in Edinburgh. It's frequently as if I am travelling in slow motion as the world rushes by. At times like these, I always try to savour the mood and think that nothing is worth all that rushing. "I'm on a rock spinning through space"It really doesn't matter if I'm late for that meeting to which I'm going." "Angel Moments" tries to capture that mood.
Sheila Rabbitt
Sheila Rabbitt's choreography has been performed at Eveoke Dance Festival in San Diego, Emory University and First Night. She founded and directed her own dance company "Sheila Rabbitt and Dancers" and has taught dance in St. Louis for over 20 years. Sheila is a proud graduate of Webster University's Dance Program.
Les Scott
Les Scott's debut album 'Altered Carbon' was released in November 2008 under the name Neu Gestalt and was shortly followed by an appearance on the album 'To Infinity' by Alex Tronic, released in February 2009. He is presently working on his second album 'Weightless Hours' whilst carrying out remix and collaborative work for a number of artists.
39) A Mind's Eye
This piece from a film 'A Mind's Eye' by artist Joanna Callaghan based on the theories of Plato.
Tanya Shea
Tanya Shea received her BA in Dance and Psychology from Webster University in 1990 and for the past 20 years has directed her own successful dance and acrobatic studio Motion Express. Her performing credits include dancing with the St. Louis Civic Ballet and Webster Dance Theater. Her commercial credits include Navi-Star International, Maritz, JC Penny, Sears and Bridal Originals. She has choreographed for Inaside Chicago Dance, Alive Magazine, AT&T and Weissman Design for Dance. Her work was featured on HGTV “Christmas Across America” special and was presented at the Chicago Dance Festival. She has also stage the musicals “ Once Upon a Mattress” and “The Wizard of OZ” for the Selvidge Middle School Drama Club. Tanya is the recipient of numerous regional and national choreography awards including an “Outstanding Contribution to the Arts” award presented to her by Rhee Gold. She is the co-founder and co-director of MOVE; a St. Louis based professional dance company.

Dancers: Natasha Jansen, Alexa Moore, Jake Henke, and Krista Hitschler
Peter Coyte
Peter is a composer and sound artist based in Whitstable, Kent, UK producing work for theatre, film, installations and dance. Dance credits include work with Dora Frankel Dance Company, Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, Gravity and Levity, Susan Lewis, Kirsty Little and Wrongsize. Theatre credits include No Wise Men, Spyski! and All in The Timing by Peepolykus and Throat, Philomena’s Feast, Night and Day/Spike Islands, Rope, Loser and Drowning Not Waving by Company FZ/John-Paul Zaccarini. Film soundtracks include Sea Point Days, The Mothers’ House and When The War is Over directed by Francois Verster, Fun directed by Rafal Zielinski and John Aldus – The Spirit of The Place by Nadia Haggar. He is also a member of the experimental improvising ensemble Automatic Writing Circle.
40) Lizzie in the stars and snowfall
Lizzie in the stars and snowfall In quiet moments one finds peace. Lizzie (our beautiful Samoyed/lab mix) graced this earth for nearly 15 years and joined our lives for almost 11 of those years. With this work I honor her life and her dignity and try to bring some solace for myself in her passing. Her voice joins mine with the bells and sighs. She had a lovely way of taking little breaths and then a deep sigh of peace when she felt totally relaxed and calm. I reflect that gesture in some of my breathwork here, and include her concerned vocalization recorded during development of a different and very difficult piece.
Nelly Patino
Nelly Patino has been a foreign Languages teacher for the Saint Louis Public Schools for twenty years. As a part of the cultural background for her Spanish classes, she introduces folkloric dances and music from her native land Colombia. Nelly is the artisitic director, choreographer and founder of the Folkloric Group Colombia. She has had years of dance experience in each of the three-hybrid folkloric regions of Colombia. In adition to the dance aspect, the group is comprised of a music band directed by Albert Patino. The instruments includes: Vallenato accordion, guitar, congas, bongos, guacharaca and calves. The children and adult members of the Folkloric Group have introduced the art of Colombian dance and music to thousans of people in the greater Saint Louis area since 1989. Shows have been performed at festival, conferences, local civic benefit and charity events. It has been a great pleassure and an honor to have the opportunity to share a foreign culture through dance and music to the Missuorian community. Dancer: Carolina Guzman
Joan La Barbara
Joan La Barbara, composer, performer, sound artist, actor, renowned for her unique vocabulary of experimental and extended vocal techniques, composes for multiple voices, chamber ensembles, theater, orchestra, interactive technology, soundscores for dance, video and film, including for "Children's Television Workshop/Sesame Street", broadcast worldwide since 1977. Awards: DAAD Artist-in-Residency in Berlin, NYSCA and Guggenheim Fellowships in Music Composition, 7 NEA grants, American Music Center's 2008 Letter of Distinction and Premio Internazionale "Demetrios Stratos" prize for Experimental Music (2011). Recordings include "ShamanSong" (New World) and "Voice is the Original Instrument" (Lovely Music). "73 Poems" was presented at The Whitney Museum's American Century Part II: SoundWorks. Award-winning interactive media performance work "Messa di Voce" premiered at ars electronica 2003. La Barbara is currently composing an opera. s
41) Credo
Source materials: Gregorian chant, and harmonic and melodic figures from "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.
Donna Patzius-Hill
Formerly a professional ballerina with Ballet West, Atlanta Ballet, Ballet Met, and Milwaukee Ballet. After retiring from the stage in 2002, I started teaching at "Patzius Performing Arts", and directing the ballet company "Midwest Ballet Theatre" which is affiliated with it.

Dancers: Monica Hacker, Jordan Miles, and Abbie Hinrichs
Peter Cavell
Composer, performer, writer, and scoundrel. Peter Cavell lives in Toronto, where he is a musical director at The Second City.
42) Free Sue
Free Sue is a work for spoken choir, bowed piano in 18 notes per octave, mallet piano in 18 notes per equal, strummed piano in 18 notes per octave, tabla ensemble, snare drum, frame drum ensemble and various gongs. The inspiration for the work was using the assemblage of unconventional pianos and percussion to create an atmosphere of strange heroism.
Mary K. McEntee
Mary K. McEntee is very excited to join the 60x60 Festival this year. Mary is an independent dancer/choreographer and teaches at Little Angels Dance Center in Florissant. She graduated in 2007 from Missouri State University with her BFA in Dance Performance, where she performed with the dance company Inertia. Since then she has been teaching and dancing throughout St. Louis. She has performed in many community theater production, her favorite including West Side Story, Chicago, and The Producers. She has choreographed the musicals for McCluer High School, including Urinetown: The Musical, Batboy: The Musical, and The Wiz. She would like to thank every one connected with 60x60 for the oppertunity to shine.
Chris Vaisvil
Chris Vaisvil is a composer who works in traditional 12 equal and microtonal tunings composing classical, advant garde, ambient and pop music. His works are realized through human and computer performance and often collaborates via the internet. Chris has an associates in music and a bachelor of science in chemistry. Chris' 17 ET Jazz was selected for the 2009 Vox Novus 60x60 Crimson microtonal mix which performed in many international cities. Also Chris has performed at the Oddmusic Convergence in Urbana Illinois. The main focus of Chris' work is to write classical music that uses new compositional techniques and sounds.
43) Sullen
sul•len – adjective - 1. Bad-tempered and sulky; gloomy - a sullen sunless sky 2. (esp. of water) Slow-moving - rivers in sullen, perpetual flood

In Dante’s Inferno the souls guilty of repressed anger, “The Sullen” are trapped below the river Styx. They are repressed below a marsh, meanwhile those guilty of expressed anger (the wrathful) are forced to attack each other on the shores and on their heads as the boil and fester below.
Hannahbeth Fischer
aTrek Dance Collective
Hannahbeth Fischer graduated cum laude from Saint Mary’s College, IN (SMC) with a double major in Humanistic Studies and a Student Designed major in Digital Media, Dance and Women’s Studies. Hannahbeth has danced and toured with South African based performing arts group 13thFloor and worked with David Dorfman’s Underground. While at SMC, Hannahbeth founded the student group TransPose [dance collective] which innovated peer-taught classes and produced a student dance concert each semester. As a sophomore, she was the recipient of the Catherine Dooley Grant for Peace and Justice. In addition to her investment on campus, Hannahbeth engaged with the arts culture of South Bend, investing in [river park arts community] and the development of community artspace, LangLab South Bend. With her interest in digital media, Hannahbeth produces dance + technology pieces. She produced a video-art installation for the Bold Beauty Conference 2010 and headed up the event planning committee and the digital project support team for the Bold Beauty Conference 2011. Before leaving school, Hannahbeth created and produced a full-length film/dance concert, Caught, presenting at both SMC and LangLab South Bend. In the summer of 2010, she created a piece with aTrek’s Developing Artist Project and has returned to invest in the development of aTrek’s new group LeverEdge, an artist incubator.
Robert Voisey
A composer living in New York City, Rob Voisey primarily writes electronic and chamber music. His aesthetic style oscillates between ambient to romantic. His work is played throughout the world both in concert performance and radio airplay.
44) in secessio
"in secessio" was composed exclusively for 60 x 60. Its overall thematic is based on a scene in the opera Domus. In an imaginary Biblical future, King Nimrud is plotting his attack against God, a.k.a the Game Master. At the Babel tower - built to lure the Game Master-Warlord Nimrud, grandson of the First Man, Noah, thinks about The Secession. The great warrior said to have inherited Adam's clothing, no longer wants to play. It is time to take the rules of the universe away from the Creator and rebuild it all from scratch and Absolute Knowledge.
Linda Evans
HAWAIIAN POLYNESIAN REVUE www.hawaiianpolynesianrevue.com/video
Linda “Atea” Evans has been performing and teaching Polynesian dance for over 20 years. She has learned from Kumus Keith Awai, Hannnah Gleason, Tina Momalani Eggert, Ray Fonseca, Kealii Ceballos, Chinky Mahoe, Iwalani Tseu, Aureana Tseu, Nalani Keale, and June Tanoue. She has also studied with renown instructors Roiti Sylva, Moeta Pihana, Tiana and Rikki Liufau of Nono Sina Polynesia, Charlene Hereford, Linda Shelton, Karoline Mariteragi, Marian Harris, Losa Manumaluena, the Butler family, Lafi Manumaluena, Fran Galeai, Kona Kaleikini, Medley Key, Dano & Ose Makua, and my friend Barbie "Kuupo" Domingo with Halau Ho'o Mau I Ka Wai Ola O Hawaii in Maryland. Linda serves on the staff at COCA in St. Louis and is a member of Hula Midwest Association. She has been blessed to have attended Merrie Monarch on four separate occasions on the Big Island of Hawaii and felt honored to have met Uncle George Naope, Kumu Mahaina Bailey at the Aloha March of 2000 and 2002, and Royal Order of Kamehameha I. Hawaiian Polynesian Revue was one of the original members of Dance St. Louis. Dancers: Cindy "kalohe" Conner and Gail "Kaila" Aquino
Leslie Melcher
Mr. Melcher is an award winning composer whose works have been performed internationally. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of La Sorbonne (France) and a First Prize in Musical Composition (Ecole Normale Superieure de Musique de Paris). He studied under Tony Aubin (student of Paul Dukas), Pierre Boulez's (College de France) and Todd Machover (I.R.C.A.M.) where he was invited as guest composer. Mr. Leslie Melcher was born and educated in Paris, France, has lived in New York City for 20 years and moved to Toronto, Canada in 2003.
45) Metal Etude No. 1
Metal Etude No. 1 is the first in a series of acousmatic pieces inspired by heavy metal. The energy and directness of the metal genre is something I try to emulate in much of my music. This is my first attempt to engage the genre in a more overt fashion.
Philip Edgecombe
pH exchange Dance Theatre
Philip Edgecombe is currently on faculty at Southeast Missouri State University where he teaches dance technique, composition, and acting. In 2006, Mr. Edgecombe received his M.F.A. with an emphasis in choreography from the University of Arizona. In 2009, Mr. Edgecombe co-founded pH eXchange Dance Theatre with Hilary Peterson. Mr. Edgecombe has been a company member with Hedwig Dances, the resident contemporary dance company at the Chicago Cultural Center, and a member of Desert Dance Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. Recently, Mr. Edgecombe has been invited to present his choreography at the 2011 Spring to Dance Festival presented by Dance St. Louis.
Dancers: Carol St Amour and Thomas Proctor
Jeremy Scott Van Buskirk
Jeremy Van Buskirk's music has been performed at festivals around the country including the Aurora Borealis Festival, Electronic Music Midwest, Brave New Works - Are You Brave? Festival v7.0, Santa Fe International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, and the SEAMUS National Conference. He currently directs the Longy Computer Music Studio at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA. His CD For the Love of Laughter can be heard at www.tell-talemusicmedia.com.
46) Blood
There is a significant body of hymns associated with the southern United States that emphasize blood, related to the remission of sins. This piece was made with a computer program that processed in real time the live singing of phrases from several such hymns. Listeners can decide what it means.
Arica Brown
Miss Kim's Dance Class http://www.misskimsdanceclass.com/
Arica Brown has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Dance from The University of Missouri - St. Louis with an emphasis in Dance Composition. She completed the Somatic Studies Program on the campus of Washington University in 2011. Arica is Artistic Director of Consuming Kinetics Dance Company and teaches at two St. Louis Dance Studios; Miss Kims Dance Class and DDs Dance Class.
Kim Revie-Buchheit has owned Miss Kim's Dance Class for over 18 years. She expanded her business to Maplewood to include DD's Dance Class in 2007. She has her BA in Dance from Webster University, class of 1991. She continues to be active in the dance community, supporting local workshops and dance related events. Dancers: Morgan Noll, Hannah Welch, Lessa Marie Kirn, Maggie Orf, Jessica Bruce, Courtney Brown, and Micah Kirn
Peter Lucas Hulen
Peter Hulen lives in Indiana, and is Associate Professor of Music at Wabash College where he teaches Music Theory, Composition, Electronic Music and Humanities. His electronic music is performed internationally. Affiliations include the International Computer Music Association, Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States, and Society of Composers, Inc. He received a B.M. from the University of Tulsa, M.M. from Southwestern Seminary, and Ph.D. from Michigan State University.
47)60x60 Solo
Darcie Star
Stardance, Inc. www.gostardance.com
"Darcie began dancing at the age of three. Later she enhanced her study with gymnastics and cheerleading then began Ballroom at 19 with Arthur Murrays School of Dance. Darcie has danced, taught and performed in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, Sydney Australia and Sendai, Japan as well as all over the midwest. Darcie received her BFA in dance and choreography from Webster University and is enjoying ownership of her second Ballroom Dance Studio. She teaches dance and pilates at Washington University and Meramec community college and is a featured artist with The Club at Chesterfield and Florissant Community center. She has professionally choreographed musical theatre, and ran her own professional dance theatre for four years. She has taught over 2,000 people to dance.
Dancers: Samara Moore and Jeff Lucas
Pauline Oliveros
"Through Pauline Oliveros and Deep Listening I finally know what harmony is.... It's about the pleasure of making music." John Cage 1989

Pauline Oliveros, composer, performer and humanitarian is an important pioneer in American Music. Acclaimed internationally, for four decades she has explored sound -- forging new ground for herself and others.

Through improvisation, electronic music, ritual, teaching and meditation she has created a body of work with such breadth of vision that it profoundly effects those who experience it and eludes many who try to write about it. "On some level, music, sound consciousness and religion are all one, and she would seem to be very close to that level." John Rockwell Oliveros has been honored with awards, grants and concerts internationally. Whether performing at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., in an underground cavern, or in the studios of West German Radio, Oliveros' commitment to interaction with the moment is unchanged. She can make the sound of a sweeping siren into another instrument of the ensemble.

Through Deep Listening Pieces and earlier Sonic Meditations Oliveros introduced the concept of incorporating all environmental sounds into musical performance. To make a pleasurable experience of this requires focused concentration, skilled musicianship and strong improvisational skills, which are the hallmarks of Oliveros' form. In performance Oliveros uses an accordion which has been re-tuned in two different systems of her just intonation in addition to electronics to alter the sound of the accordion and to explore the individual characteristics of each room. (Tuning Chart)

Pauline Oliveros has built a loyal following through her concerts, recordings, publications and musical compositions that she has written for soloists and ensembles in music, dance, theater and interarts companies. She has also provided leadership within the music community from her early years as the first Director of the Center for Contemporary Music (formerly the Tape Music Center at Mills), director of the Center for Music Experiment during her 14 year tenure as professor of music at the University of California at San Diego to acting in an advisory capacity for organizations such as The National Endowment for the Arts, The New York State Council for the Arts, and many private foundations. She now serves as Distinguished Research Professor of Music at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Darius Milhaud Composer in Residence at Mills College. Oliveros has been vocal about representing the needs of individual artists, about the need for diversity and experimentation in the arts, and promoting cooperation and good will among people.
48) Soon
Using Fibonacci mathematical principles, primarily on the Echoes, but also in the structure of the piece, the music suggests that a change of season is about to occur, maybe something a little uncomfortable like Autumn to winter? I used an E bow to give one of the guitar parts an infinite sustain, and also a sense of loss. or a longing for things to continue as they were, but yielding to an inevitability.
Lindsay Kelly Stewart
Lindsay Kelly Stewart graduated from Webster University in 2004 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance. While at Webster she was a member of Webster University Dance Ensemble under direction of Gary Hubler and Beckah Voigt. From 2005-2007 she was a first company member and resident choreographer for The Slaughter Project in St. Louis. In 2009 Lindsay recieved her Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in dance and nutrition from Lindenwood University. She has also studied and performed with Alexandra Ballet Company, Dance Aspen, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Saint Louis Ballet, State Ballet of Missouri, The Jillana School, and The Rock School of the Pennsylvania Ballet. She is also a co-founder of Turn of Change Dance Collective. Currently Lindsay teaches at Center of Creative Arts (COCA) and guest teaches and choreographs in the St. Louis and Metro East areas.
John Maycraft
"John Maycraft is a full time musician and composer. His company "artguitar.co.uk" produces media music based around electric and acoustic guitars. He also co-owns "Calma music" a company shared with Bernie Calvert- the Hollies longtime Bassist- They release new joint compositions and older existing material through their company. John is a member of BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) also the MCPS and PRS as a writer.
49) The National Grid - Project Serendipity
November again. Lots of snow. Haven't been to work in several days. Never felt better.
Miranda Donley
I have been dancing for 20 years, trained in the styles of jazz, lyrical, tap, pom, contemporary, acro, hip hop and ballet. In 2010 I graduated Webster University with a minor in Ballet and am currently in my 5th season with the Ashleyliane Dance Company. I have been teaching for over 5 years and have taught lyrical, pom, technique and hip hop. I am currently the Head Varsity Coach of the Incarnate Word Academy Dance Team. I choreograph 75% of their routines including jazz, pom, hip hop and contemporary. I am also the hip hop instructor at Inertia, The School of Dance. I have choreographed contemporary solos, tap duets and a jazz group piece for the Ashleyliane Dance Company and will continue choreographing for the company this season.
Paul Russell
It started with being an annoying child. hitting pots and pans with knives and forks, bending rulers on tables. I found playing the guitar was (marginally) less frustrating for everybody else. Then I met computers.
50) Foreplay
Optical delusions still themselves when one passes by in convexing pomp and sacral trance. Wheals and boils come forth as testament to a fine sense of haut couture.
Mary Ann Rund
Mary Ann Rund
Mary Ann Rund is an independent choreographer/performer who teaches dance arts as well as somatic movement disciplines at Washington University and Webster University. Mary Ann has produced/directed several concerts including Moving Voices (2007) and Harvesting Grace (1999), Dance Detour (1996) and a full-evening of her work in NYC (1992), in addition to choreographing many varied works.
Mescaline Worms
"A kitten's growl would not come near the plights of your spoken voice. You are a banana moon subverting the sun. In your absence I find other forms of amusement. Your nose hairs scare me.
51) Resolve Residue
Resolve residue is taken from an 11 min electronic ballet called 'Resolve X5'. Written for Long Islands Universities dance department. The music has flamenco influences and consists of guitars (me playing) and various electronics and samples.
Christine Goldmann
St. Louis native, Christine Goldmann, graduated from the University of Iowa with a BFA in Dance. She is most proud of establishing Wisconsin's premiere jazz dance company, Elation Dance Theatre, and later her privately owned school, Elation Dance Center. Before opening and directing her own school, Christine performed and choreographed for professional companies across the United States including Six Flags St. Louis, Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, Busch Gardens-Tampa Bay, Rasa Dance Theatre in Chicago and Milwaukee Bucks Energee! Dance Team. She is thrilled to be back in her hometown choreographing musicals for Christian Brothers College High School and working as the Associate Director of Education at STAGES ST. LOUIS.
Gene Pritsker
Composer/guitarist/rapper Gene Pritsker has written over three hundred ninty compositions. All his compositions employ an eclectic spectrum of styles and are influenced by his studies of various musical cultures. Gene's music has been performed all over the world at various festivals and by many ensembles and performers. The New York Times described him as "...audacious...multitalented."All About Jazz: "Barring the obvious exceptions, much of 21st century composition appears to be thinning in significance, but this might be about to change. Gene Pritsker is one of a very spare handful of composers effecting this change."
52) [SH]ift
The sensual voice and movement of Cora Camille mesmerizes audiences, transporting you to a place where time and space become endless. Cora Camille & Audra Angelique beckon you to become enraptured with their souls, pulling you in to their mysterious & haunting auras - never letting go.
Gwen Meeker
"Gwen Meeker is a member of Turn of Change Dance Collective and teaches at Turning Pointe Academy of Dance in Maryville, IL and Dance Creations Dance Studio in Springfield, IL. She has studied with internationally known instructors such as Brian Friedman, Dave Scott, Chris Judd, Mia, Michaels, Sonya Teyah, and Shane Sparks to name a few. Gwen has a degree in dance management from Lindenwood University.
Cora Camille & Audra Angelique
"Cora Camille brings together her passions for music, dance, film, and costuming to provide audiences with a sensory overload. Camille composes original music, sings, plays oud and belly dances for her performances. Her art fuses the ancient with the modern in her musical composition, dance style and presentation. She works as a solo artist for some performances, and she also collaborates with club DJ's and her band Final Veil in a variety of venues as well. Her newest project is with Audra Angelique, a talented musician, singer and dj. For 25 years Audra Angelique has entranced audiences through musical theatre, opera and now through her own unique style and unmistakable sound. Audra Angelique first stepped on the stage at the age of 3. Continuing to perform around the United States, Audra currently resides in St. Louis, MO where she has been labeled a "soul phenomenon" by KDHX (88.1 FM). Audra and Cora have collaborated for this 60x60 composition."
53) Be of Happiness
No notes.
Cora Camille
Final Veil/
Camille composes original music, sings, plays oud and belly dances for her performances. Her art fuses the ancient with the modern in her musical composition, dance style and presentation. She works as a solo artist for some performances, and she also collaborates with club DJ's and her band Final Veil in a variety of venues as well.
Angela McGary
I'm a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer.
54) The Sirens of Plaquemine
The Sirens of Plaquemine (2011) uses a recording of the warning sirens in the town of Plaquemine, Louisiana as the source material for an odd little dance. It should be played quite softly, as if you're hearing it from a long distance away.
Arica Brown
Consuming Kinetics Dance Company www.consumingkineticsdancecompany.com
Arica Brown has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Dance from The University of Missouri - St. Louis with an emphasis in Dance Composition. She completed the Somatic Studies Program on the campus of Washington University in 2011. Arica is Artistic Director of Consuming Kinetics Dance Company and teaches at two St. Louis Dance Studios; Miss Kims Dance Class and DDs Dance Class.

Dancers: Jenny Espelien, Katie Ingram, Gina Pesante, Courtney Brown, Faisal Filifil, and Arica Brown
Eve Beglarian
According to the Los Angeles Times, composer and performer Eve Beglarian "is a humane, idealistic rebel and a musical sensualist." She recently completed a journey down the Mississippi River by kayak and bicycle. For more information, please visit www.evbvd.com.
55) otherside of my window
one gysie girl who came to my life,she became my neighbour,this composition based on her life patern and the tempo in her daily routine , fleminco guitar and the gypsie colour voice emphasis the tempo of the girl and the sudden changes
Stacey Gerst
Arrive Dance Company www.ArriveDanceCompany.org
Arrive Dance Company is a new professional group based out of St Louis. We perform a variety of styles including Jazz, Modern, and Contemporary. Arrive has been seen in a variety of events around town including Fair St. Louis, St louis Dance Festival, National Dance Week, and African American History thru the Arts. Arrive has also been invited to choreograph and perform for a live performance for a Nashville Recording Artist, San Diego Symphony multimedia project, and locally the Taste of St Louis.
Don Dinesh Subasinghe
"composer from srilanka composed one symphony,oratorio,sonata, and string quartet. 31 tv series member of the south indian cine musician union] invented 'rawan hatta' ancient instrument to srilanka"
56) Flashback
Flashback is a mesmeric and reflective peice that draws on the ephemeral nature of memory.
Hilary Peterson
Hilary Peterson
Hilary Peterson (Choreographer) has completed her sixth year as an Instructor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at Southeast Missouri State University. Ms. Peterson has studied the modern dance styles of José Limón, Lester Horton, Bella Lewitsky, Paul Taylor and David Parsons. Ms. Peterson has choreographed numerous concert dance works presenting her work, Between Wants and Needs, at the American College Dance Festival Central Region Conference. Hilary has also choreographed for several musical theatre productions including Sweet Charity, Little Shop of Horrors,and Once on this Island. Ms. Peterson is co-artistic director and choreographer for pH eXchange, a contemporary dance company in Cape Girardeau, MO. The company has performed in Cape Girardeau, at the Kansas City Fringe Festival and most recently, in the Spring to Dance Festival presented by Dance St. Louis. Ms. Peterson received her BA in Dance from Hope College and her MFA in Dance from the University of Arizona.

Carolyn Beatty, originally from Florissant, MO, is a senior pursuing a BFA in Dance from Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau. Carolyn has a varied amount of performance experience including St. Louis’ Dancing in the Streets for the past two years, the 2011 St. Louis National Dance Week Celebration, Spring to Dance presented by Dance St. Louis as a company member of pH eXchange Dance Theatre, and the 2010 60x60 Dance St. Louis. While at Southeast, Carolyn has performed work by faculty members Philip Edgecombe, Hilary Peterson and guest artist, Susan Quinn. Carolyn has also worked at Six Flags as a Street Dancer and Parade Cheerleader.

Carol St. Amour is from St. Louis, Missouri where she attended Krupinski's Academy of Dance and was a part of the American Dance Troupe. Carol, a junior pursuing a BFA in Dance from Southeast Missouri State University, performed in Fall for Dance 2010 as a dancer in Hilary Peterson’s “Nothing Rhymes with Orange” and in Spring into Dance 2011 as a dancer in Marc Strauss’ “Venus”.

Jessica Parra is from Cameron, Missouri where she was the captain of her high school dance team. Currently a freshman at Southeast Missouri State University pursuing a BFA in Dance, Jessica recently made her college performance debut in the New Student Showcase and will also be a dancer in the upcoming production Fall for Dance 2011.
Patricia Walsh
Patricia Walsh is a UK artist working with sound and video. Most recently her audio work 'Dust' was heard at Sonic Vigil V, St. Fin Barres Cathedral, Cork, Ireland, 2010. Her video 'Beyond The Trail' was shown at the October Gallery, London, as part of the Women In Music Festival, 2010. She is a member of Soundnetwork and Vox Novus.
57) Voodoo Girl (Teaser) - Miss Diamond DJ feat. Maniac MG
"Hi 60x60, this is a short teaser of Miss Diamond DJs debut song "Voodoo Girl". Its with over 60 remixes the most remixed debut song of all times. Check out also the according video clip: http://www.youtube.com/user/DjMissDiamond#p/a/u/0/9GcNjJmIWNo Cheers Dieter Dratwa Manager Miss Diamond DJ"
"Andrea " Peoples
Kreative Pandemonium
Creative Pandemonium was founded in 2008 by Weedie Braimah and Andrea Peoples as a conduit to express their love and interest for the cultural arts forms of black people all over the world. Creative Pandemonium focuses on preserving traditional West African culture as a base to bridge the gap between music, songs, and dances of the African Diasporas as it relates to the slave cultures. Through the slave culture, the world has been introduced to Jazz, Gospel, and Soul in American, Rumba in Cuba, and Samba in Brazil. With the collaborations of guest artist as well as company members, Creative Pandemonium strives to educate the community on these arts forms through classes, workshops, lectures, and performances.
Dieter Dratwa
".....The Myth transformed into Reality..... By her servant, Nothing is known for sure. But one thing is evident. Miss Diamond, the Mysterious DJ goddess is here and she is your Mistress of Sound. Throughout time her eclectic sounds, deity spirit and magic appearances have seduced crowds and transformed her into a living urban legend. It is said that Mistress was born in the beauteous land that today is called "Brazil" many ages and empires ago. .... Find out more at: www.MissDiamond.com"
58) So much more
I don't know what this is?
Erin Walker
Erin Walker began studying dance as a young girl with several St. Louis based dance studios. She continued her studies with a B.A. in Dance at Lindenwood University. After graduating in 2008, Erin served as an intern for aTrek Dance Collective where she choreographed, taught, and performed. Erin continues her involvement with aTrek and is currently creating work for Turn of Change Dance Collective.
Kat Boelskov
Kat Boelskov is a Danish music-making girl, keeping it 100% DIY. She writes, records, produces and promotes all her own music. Self-released her debut album 'Amateur' in 2010, a genre-confused combination of electronica, rock, and acoustics, bound together by honesty and emotion. Her sound is difficult to define, having been called everything from 'Electroacoustic poprock', 'Operatic folk-punk', 'Alternative emo', and 'As if jazz and blues had a baby and named it Lilith Fair'
59) Fly
JSara Burke and
Joan Lipkin
The DisAbility Project: Co-founded by theatre artist Joan Lipkin and occupational therapist Fran Cohen, the DisAbility Project is an award-winning ensemble of adults with and without disabilities who create original material about the culture of disability. They have performed for over 100,000 people and are one of the only projects of this kind in the US. This piece is partially based on Katherine Dunham’s principles of isolation and fall and recover.

Sara Burke is the owner of The City Studio Dance Center, a commissioner on the Regional Arts Commission and resident choreographer for the DisAbility Project under the direction of Joan Lipkin. They have collaborated on several projects including the regional tour of “Words with Choice”. Sara studied with Miss Dunham in East St. Louis in the 1970’s and danced with the Dunham Company. The Dunham experience changed her life and she has been committed to promoting diversity through the Arts ever since and feels strongly that the DisAbility Project’s inclusion in 60x60 is a fitting Legacy to Katherine Dunham

Joan Lipkin is the Artistic Director of That Uppity Theatre Company and the DisAbility Project. She integrates movement and dance into most of ther theatrical work. She directed the regional tour of Words of Choice, her first collaboration with choreographer Sara Burke. She directed Becoming Emily (about the life of abortion nurse Emily Lyons), collaborating with chorographers Sara Anne Patz, Ashley Tate, Keith Tyrone Williams, Dawn Karlovsky, Summer Beasley, Lee Nolting and Chris Paige. Joan produced Peace Out! the largest mixed media arts event in St. Louis in which numerous companies and choreographers created pieces based on poems from Poets Against the War website. This summer, she directed and choreographed the Kaleidoscope Project at Yale University. She has just been named the Arts Innovator of the Year by the Arts & Education Council.

Heather Beal, a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago is thrilled to dance with The DisAbility Project for 60X60. She was a principle dancer with the Katherine Dunham Museum Children’s Workshop Performance Company from the age of six into young adulthood. She performed with the company around the United States and France. She has performed in several productions at The Black Rep and at the St. Louis MUNY. She recently choreographed Pericles, and Ruined and is nominated for a Kevin Kline award for her choreography in The Me Nobody Knows. Heather currently teaches Dunham Technique at Washington University in St. Louis and is a proud first time mom.

Ana Jennings has been a member of the Disability Project for 11 years. She has a Master's degree in Education and Counseling and training in Broadcasting. She's looking for employment. She's married and lives in Kirkwood. Ana has had a Spinal Cord Injury since the age of 18.

Bobbie Williams, newest member of the DisAbility Project is thrilled to be a part of this vitally needed educational and entertaining enterprise. Having previously assisted disabled adult and young students (both one on one and in groups) in San Diego, California, she says it is a privilege to now be able to reach the national community of able and disabled persons with the message of inclusion through theater. As a mother of seven, grandmother of three sets of twins plus nine, great-grand of twins plus one, actress, songstress, and educator, she desires to share her brand of wealth with others.

Henry McMillan
Jackson Greenhorn is an unsigned collection of family and friends based in Glasgow. Jackson Greenhorn is also the name of the main songwriter. With a wide range of styles and influences, their music spans Scottish Folk, Indie and Rock. The collection are currently: Anne Kidd (Backing Vocals), David Kidd (DJ), Alastair Kidd (Bass), Mike McMillan (DJ), Scott Thornton (Soundscapes), Caroline Edwards (Bass), Bill McMillan (Rock Guitar) and directed by Jackson Greenhorn. Jackson began in music as an Engineer at Berkeley St Studio in Glasgow during the 80's. The first album (The Wave) was recorded in Berkeley St, between studio bookings, during the summer of 1987. The second (I don't want to be famous...I just want to make some cash!) was recorded in a bedroom, south of Glasgow, in 2005). Other "collections" of songs are uploaded to Last.FM occasionally, the latest of which have been "Family", "The Scottish Connection", "Love" and "Peter & Jane go to work". Demos are continually being recorded and will find there way to Last.FM at some point.
60) Goodbye song
Full 60x60 performer cast.
Matt Van Brink
Matt Van Brink is a composer, lyricist, pianist and accordionist living in New York City. Van Brink is piano faculty and composer at Concordia Conservatory (Bronxville, NY), which has commissioned and given the premieres of many new works of chamber music and musical theater for its student performers. He has also been commissioned by Schott Music, Collage New Music, New York Youth Symphony, Celebrity Series of Boston, and Lara St. John, and his compositions and arrangements are published by Schott Music and Tenuto Publications. Van Brink studied at Indiana University and Boston University, where he earned a doctorate.