a 60x60 (2012) UnTwelve Mix

60x60 (2012) UnTwelve Mix

A very special event where UnTwelve is thrilled to be in collaboration with Vox Novus from NYC; they are known in the music world as the producers of 60x60, the incredibly popular format of a 60-minute concert featuring 60 works by 60 composers, each work a minute or less. 60x60 has taken the world by storm, and we are now proud to present a the second UnTwelve version of 60x60. The miniatures we will present will all be part of what we call the UnTwelve Mix--short works with a focus of the novel beauty of tuning which escapes the rigid boundaries of 12-tone equal temperament, and the use of microtones. All of these works are compelling and worth hearing, including pulse pounding music, gorgeous harmonies, dark and moody soundscapes, humorous vignettes, and ecstatic dreamworlds. 60x60 is a collection of 60 electroacoustic or acousmatic works from 60 different composers/artists, each work 60 seconds or less in duration. For the past 10 years, 60x60 has produced and presented more than 40 different mixes in over 300 performances around the world. We hope you will come out and taste this entertaining feast for the ears!

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60x60 is a project of Vox Novus
60x60 was created and founded by Robert Voisey to inspire, produce, promote, and disseminate the vast aesthetics and styles of contemporary composers being written by today's living composers.
More about Vox Novus and Robert voisey can be found on their perspective websites: