60x60 Achievements - More than a decade worth of accomplishments


60x60 has had thousands of audio submissions spanning for more than a decade. The project started with 190 submissions from more than 90 composers, since 2003 60x60 has had years where it has received more than 1000 submissions to pool its International mix and alternate mixes for the project.

From young gifted prodigies to highly acclaimed veteran masters, composers have submitted to 60x60 from nearly every corner of the planet. Our youngest composer has been fifteen years old and our oldest has been in his nineties. Just a few of some of the more well known composers who have submitted to 60x60 include: Ernst Bacon, Francis Dhomont, Joan La Barbara, Annea Lockwood, Pauline Oliveros, Alice Shields, Laurie Spiegel, Allen Strange, Barry Truax, and many others.

60x60 is a "slice of the scene" and has represented almost every genre, style and aesthetic that is happening in today's new music scene including: rock, jazz, blues, pop, techno, ambient, neo-romantic, neo-classic, 12-tone, noise, environmental, text-sound, experimental, and many many more.

Submissions and Mixes

60x60 started with its first International mix in 2003, since then there has been over 35 mixes of 60 composers (and the Order of Magnitude Mix containing 600 composers in a 10 hour event which was named the Most Composers Programmed In A Single Show by The Universal Record Database ) The additional alternate mixes added to the regular 60x60 performance season give more opportunities to present and promote the wealth of composers and musical works which are artistically strong, but all the positions for the International mix were filled.

Geographic mixes inlude: Canada Mix, Midwest Mix, Pacific Rim Mix, UK Mix, and New York Minutes Mix

Genre and theme mixes inlcude: UnTwelve Mix, Athena Mix, ICMC "RED" Mixes (Burgundy, Crimson, Magenta, Sanguine, Scarlet, and Vermillion), Evolution Mix, and Munich Mix.


60x60 has had hundreds of performances stretching around the globe from remote rural venues in place like Wallongong, Australia and Presque d'Isle, Maine to city centers such as New York City's World Finacial Center Winter Garden Atrium and London's Open Weekend for 2012 Olympics at Stratford Circus.

A few more cities 60x60 has been presented in include: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Kansas City, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Columbus, Hartford, Albany, United States; London, Oxford, Leeds, England; Galway City, Ireland; Strasbourg, Lille, France; Sydney, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo, Japan; Munich, Bremen, Germany; Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Canada; Istanbul, Turkey; Bucharest, Romania; and Mexico City, Mexico and many many more...

Performance of various incarnations of 60x60 have been presented in almost every conceivable performance space. The venues have varied from concert halls, theater stages, museums, art galleries, public atriums, bars, nightclubs, building facades, and street windows in New York City; not to mention radio airplay, television and Internet broadcast around the world.

Traditional Concert Stages The Sheldon, St Louis, Missouri; Auditorium of the National Conservatory of Region of Lille, Lille, France; "George Enesco" Concert Hall of the National University of Music Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania; Adam Concert Hall, New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University Campus, Wellington, New Zealand; and many others

Performance stages, black box theaters, and dance stages Stratford Circus, London, England; Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, New York; The Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada; Substation, Singapore; ARCUS Studio, Japan; Pina Bausch Theatre, Essen, Germany; The Stage, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), The Stage Stanford, California; Outpost 186, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Violaine Morinville Oscar Peterson Theater, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec; Full Moon Concerts - Long Night's Moon, San Francisco, California; NonSequitur The Good Shepherd Center, Seattle, Washington; Hexagram Black Box Theatre, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; CEMI Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, UNT College of Music Denton, Texas; One Arm Red in D.U.M.B.O. Brooklyn, New York; UNDER St Marks, New York, New York; Collective: Unconscious, New York, New York;

Art Museums: Museum of Contemporay Art, Chicago; Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis; the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis; the Kemper Museum, St Louis, Missouri; National Museum of the Republic, Brasil ; the Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg, Austria; and University Art Museum, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, California

Art Galleries: Harold Golen Gallery, Miami, Florida; MadArt Art Gallery (a renovated 1930's Art Deco police station), St Louis, Missouri; threewalls gallery, Chicago, Illinois; SALT Gallery, New York City, New York; Teo Libardo's gallery, Lodeve, France; ton:art / Gallery "Margit Haupt" Karlsruhe, Berlin, Germany; Murray Art Guild Art Gallery Murray, Kentucky; List Arts Center Gallery, Clinton, New York; FOFA Gallery Concordia college, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; St Mary's University Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Grand Valley State University Art Gallery, Allendale, Michigan; Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio; Teatro San Giorgio da Udine, Italy; Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwa ; Kulturkiosken, Gavle, Sweden; and Stimultania art galery in Strasbourg, France;

Public Atriums and parks: the World Financial Center Winter Garden Atrium, New York, New York; Tomplkins Square Park; New York, New York; Atrium of the Creative Arts Building, GEMdays in Huddersfield, United Kingdom; and Winter Garden Atrium, Mary Cofrin Hall, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay;

Churches and chapels: Jan Hus Church, New York, New York; New Life Church Denton Denton, Texas; United Christian Fellowship, Bowling Green, Ohio; John L. Hill Chapel,Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky;

Nightclubs, Bars and Cafes: The Lobby, New York, New York Parkside Lounge, New York City; Lucky Cat, Brooklyn, New York; RODAN VIDEO LOUNGE, Chicago, Illinois; Wallstreet, Columbus, Ohio; Stress!!, Galway City, Ireland; Supermarket, Tornoto, Canada; Bushwakker Brew Pub, Regina, Canada; Happy, Wellington, New Zealand; Electric Cafe series at Rutgers University, Camden, New Jersey;

Stores Grey Matter Books, Hadley, Massachusetts; and Music Farmers, Wollongong, Australia;

Other venues
A builiding facade at the Spark Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota;
A storefront window at chashama on the streets of New York City;
Projected on a balloon 5 meters in diameter in a marble entranceway at A*Devantgarde festival - Konigsplatz Munchen und Hochschule fur Musik und Theater;
For the Summer Celebration at Mercer Island Community Center, Mercer Island, Washington.

60x60 has been presented in many festivals: London's Open Weekend for the 2012 Olympics; Dance Parade, New York, New York; Canada Congress, Quebec, Canada; the Create 10 Festival, London England; American Arts Experience, St Louis, Missouri; Fringe Festival, Quebec, Canada; Nuit Blanch, Toronto, Canada; A*Devantgarde festival, Munich, Germany International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) New York, New York; GEMdays, Huddersfield, United Kingdom; Arts NOW Series, Raleigh, North Carolina; eArts at Mansfield University, Electronic Music Midwest (EMM) festival, International Electroacoustic Music Festival, Brooklyn, New York; EuCuE Free Play: Listening chamber, Allendale, Michigan; The Fresno New Music Festival, Fresno, California; Kentucky New Music Festival, Lexington,Kentucky; New Music Days festival, Istanbul Turkey; Outside the Box New Music Festival, Carbondale, Illinois; Spark Festival, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Sedbergh Music Festival,Sedbergh, United Kingdom; Minifest, Bellingham, Washington; EARFEST, Stony Brook University, New York; EuCuE - Series XXVII, Quebec, Canada; ALTERNATIVE FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL 2008, Belgrade, Serbia; 2009 NACUSA Texas Conference,Nacogdoches, Texas; INTERFERENCES FESTIVAL, Library Centro de las Artes de San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Ninth International Congress of Art and Technology (#9.ART); Digital Music Research Network Conference, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, England; 12 Nights, The Street: Festival of Electronic Music, Art and Performance, Miami; Fifth Annual North Carolina Computer Music Festival, Raleigh, North Carolina; Wfestival music festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden; Outsound New Music Summit, San Francisco, California; International Sound Art Festival Berlin, Berlin, Germany; 3rd All Ears Contemporary Music Festival, Forum London Composers Group, London, England; AERO Conference, Sage College, Troy, New York ; New Music Days festival, Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey;


United States TV
60x60 Dance at The Sheldon in St Louis on HEC-TV - Interviews of cast and producers plus entire show.

Interview with Hettie Barnhill on KPLR

SundayArts News Thirteen November 1, 2009

France TV

60x60 (2007 / International Mix)
Video Collaboration wih Zlatko Cosic
Elektra special "60x60 International Mix 2007" French Television broadcast
First broadcast September 11th at 07:30 PM on TNA channel
Rebroadcasts : September 14th at 12:30 (midday) - September 16th or 17th at 03:30 PM - September 17th at 10:45 AM - September 20th at 11:50 AM - September 21st at 10:30 PM - September 22nd at 06:05 PM - September 23th at 09:00 AM - September 23th or 24th at 03:00 PM - September 26th at 06:35 PM - September 29th at 06:05 PM - October 1st at 08:00 AM and 02:05 PM

60x60 (2007 / International Mix)
Video Collaboration wih Zlatko Cosic
Elektra special "60x60 International Mix 2007" French Television broadcast
A one-hour TV show, featuring the full 60x60 project, with Zlatko Cosic videowork First broadcast June 21st at 08:40 PM on TNA.

60x60 (2007 / International Mix)
Video Collaboration wih Zlatko Cosic
Elektra special "60x60 International Mix 2007" French Television broadcast
A 26 minutes TV show, with 60x60 extracts, video by Zlatko Cosic First broadcast June 12th at 07:30 PM on TNA.

Canada Video Broadcast
Canada Congress - Concordia College, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza In the beginning of each 60x60 concert season, the project holds a Radio Request Extravaganza. This is an all request radio show where composers and their fans call in to the hosting radio station request works that have been submitted to the 60x60 project that year. Different new music radio programs and radio stations host the Extravaganza. In the past the 60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza has been hosted on the Afternoon New Music on WKCR New York, New York; Martian Gardens Radio Show on WMUA Amherst, Massachusetts;- Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar on WGDR Plainfield, Vermont; Foldover, on WOBC-FM Oberlin, Ohio; and Sculpted Word on WBAR in New York, New York.

Airplay The albums has been receiving airplay on radio stations all around the world including: Art Waves, and Art and Answers, WKCR; art@radio, WMBC, Upbeat, Concert FM New Zealand; Difficult Listening, RTR FM Perth Australia; Foldover, WOBC; Kalvos and Damian's New Music Bazaar, WGDR; The Latest Score, WOMR; Martian Gardens, WMUA; rtqe, WORT; Electroshock, Radio Ultra 70.19FM (Kolomna & St. Petersburg Russia); Theme and Variations, YPR; The Sculpted Word, WBAR; and Soundcheck, WNYC. Soundcheck has archived the show with John Schaeffer and Frank Oteri speaking about short durational pieces and the 60x60 project.

Radio Interviews
November 6, 2009 - New Music Circle Steve Potter, Cityscape NPR St. Louis Public Radio published November 6, 2009
Interview with Robert Voisey and Jeramy Zimmerman By Anne Fiero, WKCR, New York, New York, November 13, 2008
Podcast Episode Summary Upbeat with Eva Radich Radio New Zealand, Friday, June 13, 2008
"From Irish Eyes to Short Attention Spans" -Frank J. Oteri & John Schaefer, Soundcheck (WNYC), New York, March 17, 2005

Internet Archive


60x60 Dance - The Sheldon, St Louis, Missouri - October 3rd, 2010

60x60 Dance

A large analog clock keeps time as a full cast of dancers move in and out to seamlessly perform 60 dance pieces by 60 different composers-each lasting only 60 seconds. 60x60 Dance is one of the most loved performances of 60x60 and has been performed in more than 7 different cities in 3 different countries. The performance pairs 60 modern dances with 60 contemporay music works to be performed in sequence without pause to create an hour of pure inspiration.

60x60 Dance debuted in Europe to join the celebrations for London's Open Weekend, a festival starting a two year countdown for the London Olympics in 2012.

"Either a genius or crazy concept for a dance show, depending on how you look at it: 60 choreographers each create 60 seconds of movement to be performed in succession, making one hour of fast-changing, switched up dance for the age of short attention spans. Co-ordinated by East London Dance, dance styles range from ballet to Lindy hop to street, jazz and contemporary, and if there's one thing you can say for sure, if won't be boring." - Time Out London
You can see archival footage of the 60x60 Dance performance at Stratford Circus in London here on:

60x60 Dance has had several performances at the World Finanical Center Winter Garden Atrium where it received positive acclaim from the New York Times.

"As the dancers and their music unspooled through a seamless hour, there were frequent cheers from the large crowd packed into rows of chairs and on the broad flight of stairs at the other end of the hall." - New York Times

You can see archival footage of the 60x60 Dance performance at World Financial Center Winter Garden in 2008 here on:

60x60 Dance has performed twice in New York City's Dance Parade in Tompkins Park where thousands congregated for the parade and festival.

60x60 has propsered with various incarnations of 60x60 in St Louis with the New Music Circle and the HEARding Cats Collective. Several audio and video versions of 60x60 have presented over more than 5 years; however, the most adventurous productions were 60x60 Dance performances at the MadArt Gallery and the Sheldon Theater. 60x60 Dance has was broadcasted on HEC-TV in St Louis and is archived there on the Internet.

60x60 Video

60x60 Video - "Expect it to stretch whatever boundaries you may not have thought you had." - The Examiner
60x60 Video is an hour of video which is synchronized to the audio mixes of 60x60. 60x60 Video has collaborated with video artists, experimental filmmakers, and VJ's to pair the 60 different audio compositions with video. The unique format of 60x60 video has led to many performances in interesting places where contemporary music is seldom found.

60x60 Video has been viewed in several bars and nightclubs through out the world: 60x60's first visual collaboration with the notorious experimental filmmaker Nick Zedd was screened in New York City's nightclub "The Lobby"; Shimpei Takeda's collaboration with 60x60 was seen in "Lucky Cat" a bar in Brooklyn, New York; and Toronto's nightclub, the "Supermarket," screened one of Patrick Liddell's collaboration of the 60x60 mixes.

The video collaboration of 60x60 has also been presented in dynamic ways where contemporary music is almost never presented.

One such video performance was in Munich, Germany with glowing orbs created by projecting Soundspectrum's G-Force visualizer in Konigsplatz Munchen und Hochschule fur Musik und Theater. The performance was the first themed 60x60 called the Munich Mix. The Munch mix incorporated political works on the topic of oppession and totalitarianism which ranged from the current day politics of war and totalitariansim to the oppression of increasing volume decibels of music performances.

Another unique performance was with the 2005 International mix video collaboration with Shimpei Takeda in a storefront window in New York City. The performance was presented in conjunction with chashama an organization that supports communities by transforming temporarily vacant properties into spaces where artists can present their work. Through chashama's unique programming, the literally unlock and open the doors of unused spaces across the 5 Boroughs of New York City, making thousands of square feet available to hundreds of artists of all levels, ages and mediums annually. 60x60 created a video installation in a storefront window on 37th street near Broadway in New York City which ran for nearly a month; being near to both the New York City's transporatation hubs (The New York Port Authority and New York Pennsylvania Station,) 60x60 Video was experienced by hundreds of thousands of people as they commuted to and from their work places in one of the largest cities of the world.

60x60 Video was also projected as an video installation on the facade of the The Barbara Barker Center for Dance at the Spark Festival. Since 2001, the SPARK Festival of Electronic Music and Arts brings renowned scholars and performers of electronic music to the West Bank Arts Quarter for an intensive weekend of lectures, performances, master classes, and multimedia installations on the latest in electronic and electroacoustic music and art. The Barbara Barker Center for Dance is a dance-dedicated facility with light-filled spaces and sweeping architecture. Built especially for University of Minnesota Dance, the building's striking design brings inspiration to everything that goes on within and without its walls.

60x60 Images

60x60 Images is a 60x60 multimedia collaboration based on fine art works that are 60 centimeters in length and 60 centimeters in width and then paired with a 60 second audio work in an art installation or performance. the project first started in Teatro Nuovo Giovanni in Udine, Italy with an idea by Vittorio Vella, and Francesca Agostinelli and Taukay Edizioni Musicali. 60x60 Images was also presented in conjunction with the opening of the 24th Annual Minumental Show Art Academy of Cincinnati. 60x60 Images is the counterpart for visual artists. Moving from the temporal nature of music to the metric scale, each artwork is created to measure 60x60 centimeters. Forty were selected from a call for works which required a difficult selection to be made from 221 works coming from 26 countries around the globe. Twenty additional artists were invited to participate in 60x60 Images in part because they have already participated in the festival. In addition, they were invited because they are artists selected for their regional profiles in the contemporary art scene. 60x60 Images uses the audio from the 60x60 Crimson Mix. An Internet repreduction of the images can be found archived here: http://www.taukay.it/archive/60x60_images.html


60x60 (2006-2007) released by Vox Novus VN-002

60x60 (2004-2005) released by Vox Novus VN-001
Awarded 2nd place in for Best Experimental Album in the Just Plain Folks Awards (2009)

60x60 (2003) released by Capstone Records CPS-8744

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60x60 is a project of Vox Novus
60x60 was created and founded by Robert Voisey to inspire, produce, promote, and disseminate the vast aesthetics and styles of contemporary composers being written by today's living composers.
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