60x60 Dance - where modern dance meets contemporary music

The first thing to be said about "60x60 Dance" is that it is a masterpiece of organization. The idea - 60 new dance pieces are performed to 60 new pieces of music, each lasting no more than 60 seconds - is quite mad. But it's this kind of madness that makes the cultural world go round

- Roslyn Sulcas, New York Times -

60x60 Dance Coordinators / Dance Producers / Stage Directors

A large analog clock keeps time as a full cast of dancers move in and out to seamlessly perform 60 dance pieces by 60 different composers-each lasting only 60 seconds. 60x60 Dance is one of the most loved performances of 60x60 and has been performed in more than 7 different cities in 3 different countries. The performance pairs 60 modern dances with 60 contemporay music works to be performed in sequence without pause to create an hour of pure inspiration.

In 2007, 60x60 teamed up with Jeramy Zimmerman and 60x60 Dance was born. Jeramy Zimmerman was the dance coordinator for the 60x60 Dance shows at the Galapagos Art Space and premiered the project at New York City's World Financial Center Winter Garden Atrium.

In 2009, Amiti Perry brought 60x60 to Columbus, Ohio; the first time 60x60 Dance was presented outside New York City. Soon after Amiti Perry with Erin Bomboy coordinated 60x60 Dance shows at the Electronic Music Festival in Kansas City, at the MadArt Gallery in St Louis, Missouri and a return performance to the World Finanical Center Winter Garden Atrium. Violaine Morinville would also debut 60x60 Dance with a 60x60 Canadian music mix in Montreal.

In 2010, Erin Bomboy would team up with Caterina Bartha to introduce 60x60 Dance to New York City's Dance parade for a performance in Tompkins Square Park and later that year Erin Bomboy would bring 60x60 Dance to the Sheldon Theater in St Louis, Missouri for a performance in the America Art Experience and TV simulcast on HEC-TV. Also in 2010, Adriana Pegorer and Silke Arnold would usher in a European debut of 60x60 Dance to join the celebrations for London's Open Weekend, a festival starting a two year countdown for the London Olympics in 2012.

In 2011 Hettie Barnhill and Justine Linn joined the 60x60 team to coordinate a spectacular 60x60 Dance event at Dance Parade including aerial dance! After Hettie Barnhill would return to her hometown to present and coordinate 60x60 Dance for a return performance at the Sheldon Theater in St Louis for the American Art Experience.

60x60 Dance has featured more than 500 choreographers and thousands of dancers. Each performance run featured a different group of composers and choreographers following are the dance coordinators and producers who put together 60x60 Dance performances.

"Like that bag of M&M's you gobbled up
while waiting your turn in the grocery line,
the pieces presented during 60x60 Dance are short-lived,
but supremely satisfying."
- Alison Sieloff, Riverfront Times -

Hettie Barnhill

Hettie Barnhill

Hettie's choreography and performances has been seen on NBC, MTV, VH1, BET, International Wow Theater, 60x60, Solar One, The Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival, The Ailey School and Dance Chicago. Being immersed in a jazz/blues influenced area, Hettie translates her environment and up-bringing into her movement almost flawlessly. Her creative movement is a vision that everyone should experience. Living both in New york and Los Angeles to work on her debut album, set to release in 2012. She is currently choreographing for different projects and is planning a concert through her company, The Just Movement Collective. Hettie remains active and continues to return to the metropolitan area of St. Louis, MO and hometown, East St. Louis, IL to give back to her community. She is also a member of A Long Walk Home, Inc. is a 3 year non-profit organization that uses art therapy and the visual and performance arts to document, to educate and to bring about social change. Providing safe and entertaining forums through which the public learns about healing from trauma. (Rape and Violence) Hettie shares with them what has been given to her - - a passion for the arts, a love for dance and a listening ear.

Hettie Barnhill was the Ground Dance Coordinator at the 60x60 Dance performance for the 60x60 (2011 / International Mix) at Dance Parade in Tompkins Square Park in New York City. Hettie was also the dance coordinator for the 60x60 (2011 / International) Mix at the Sheldon Theater in St Louis for the America Art Experience.

"60x60 fills the stage with minute-long masterpieces"
- Lindsey Thomas, Village Voice -

Justine Linn

Justine Linnehan

Justine Linn is, among other things, an aerialist and an aerial instructor. Originally a gymnast, Justine discovered aerial dance several years ago and has since been cultivating her love of flight on apparatus such as silks, rope, and lyra. She performs solo and as part of the dynamic duo that is Ateles Aerial. Justine participates annually in New York's Dance Parade where she organizes a group of aerial performers, acrobats and circus artists from throughout New York's extensive aerial community to participate in the festival following the parade. The aerial performances at Dance Fest provide a means to bring together the city's large and unique circus population in a way that is rarely possible, and provides the general public an opportunity to view New York's homegrown circus talent. Justine is thrilled to be a part of the 2011 60x60 for Dance Parade team, which will showcase many of New York's aerial performers as well as "ground" dancers from a variety of styles. Justine has degrees from Cornell and NYU. By day she is a director at a small NY real estate development firm.

Justine Linn was the Aerial Dance Coordinator at the 60x60 Dance performance for the 60x60 (2011 / International Mix) at Dance Parade in Tompkins Square Park in New York City.

"All kinds of kudos to dance artist Vivien Moore who assigned the music to the choreographers, and shaped the show to have some kind of continuity. How she merged the various dancers, and figured out exits and entrances was miraculous. It turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable and original hour. "
- Paula Citron Classical 96.3 -

Viv Moore

Viv Moore

Born in England, Viv has been dancing, choreographing and acting both collaboratively and as a solo artist since 1979, in dance, theatre, film and video. She co-founded Remote Control with Dave Wilson, performing and teaching in Sweden, Australia, England and Canada; worked with community dance in London, England and Canada ((RNIB, CNIB, deaf & partial hearing, multi-abilities, psychiatric survivors); was National Coordinator of Fight Directors, Canada (Advanced Actor Combatant level). Viv teaches Dance and Movement at Humber College. She works with: Fujiwara Dance, Theatre Rusticle, Theatre Direct, Half Crown Clog. She received a Harold (1998-99), Paula Citron 1999 fFIDA Award (Bogie Woman) and several Dora nominations. Viv's solo performance work is inspired by an eclectic mix of theatre, dance, English Music Hall, stage combat and butoh. She was invited to dance in London (England) and performed her solo dance theatre show Worcestershire Saucy in Toronto in December. Upcoming: Lab Cab (Sept); Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre (May 2011).

Tova Kardonne was dance coordinator at the 60x60 Dance performance debut for the 60x60 (2010 / Canada Mix) at the Music Gallery in Toronto, Canada.

"Exciting, fast-paced and packed with meaning like a haiku poem describes the "60x60 Dance" concert" '60x60 Dance' concert offers rapid-fire excitement
- Andrew Haspenpflug -

Tova Kardonne

Tova Kardonne

Tova Kardonne's formative choral experiences and her Conservatory training in viola and piano fed early on into a passion for classical, as well as African, South Indian, Brazilian, Eastern European folk, and Klezmer music. She studied Vocal Jazz and Composition and Arranging at Humber College, where she benefited from the instruction of Shannon Gunn, Christine Duncan, Pat LaBarbera, Kirk MacDonald, John Macleod and Don Palmer among others. Tova's compositions have toured the United States and Europe as part the Vox Novus 60X60 project. Her compositions have scored film installation, and have accompnied works of theatre, dance, and performance art in Toronto and internationally. As a vocalist, she has been privileged to share the stage with such esteemed musicians as Dave Douglas, Ravi Naimpalli, Bill McBirnie, and Christine Duncan. Her original a cappella performance has been included in every Nuit Blanche since 2007, including her large-scale live choral performance installation, "Sound Forest" in 2008. She has led Klezmer bands, a Brazilian bateria tambourim section, and sings and plays in a Brazilian music duo with multi-instrumentalist Amy Medvick. Tova sings her original compositions with The Thing Is (www.myspace.com/thethingismusic), her 8-piece Balkan-Jazz fusion band, at such venues as The Rex Hotel and The Trane Studio, and makes guest appearances singing her originals with Christian Overton's Composer's Collective Big Band (http://www.clovertonemusic.com/ccbb). Tova holds an Hon. B.A. from the University of Toronto with majors in French Linguistics and Philosophy and a minor in Mathematics.

Tova Kardonne was a co-producer at the 60x60 Dance performance debut for the 60x60 (2010 / Canada Mix) at the Music Gallery in Toronto, Canada.

Time Out London says: "Either a genius or crazy concept for a dance show, depending on how you look at it: 60 choreographers each create 60 seconds of movement to be performed in succession, making one hour of fast-changing, switched up dance ... if there's one thing you can say for sure, if won't be boring.

- Time Out London -

Adriana Pegorer

Adriana Pegorer

Adriana Pegorer is an independent dance artist interested in the interweaving of forms. Born in Italy, where she competed as an athlete, she moved to the UK in 1995 and graduated in Dance & Related Arts at Chichester University in 2001. Winner of the Lea Anderson Choreographic Award for her dancefilm 'Double One' and recipient of ACE awards. She recently performed in Marta E. Savigliano's 'Wallflowers and Femme Fatales' at Harvard University (Boston, USA) and presented her own research at 'Body, Movement and Dance in Global Perspective' (Hong Kong, China). Adriana presented several experimental works mixing choreography with improvisation, video and installation, working collaboratively with visual & performance artists, dancers, musicians and writers and funded Adagioconbrio in 2006. She has been freelancing in various organisations and institutions, in addition to teaching pilates, facilitating tango sessions at the RNIB and hosting 'tango release', a class and jam at Siobhan Davies Studios every first Sunday of the month..

Adriana Pegorer was a dance coordinator at the 60x60 Dance performance debut for the 60x60 (2010 / International Mix) at London's Open Weekend for the 2012 Olypmpics in East London's Stratford Circus.

I'd like to call 60x60 'the punk rock guerrilla dance happening of the year'. It is a wild, mad, challenging and extremely sporty concept for everyone involved - on stage, behind stage, in the auditorium. And 60x60 is fresh.

- Silke Arnold -

Silke Arnold

Silke Arnold

Silke is a freelance arts manager and producer. Originally from Germany and following a Master Degree in Theatre, Film & Media and Communications & PR, Silke relocated to London in 2004. Since, she has established her career within dance management as a freelancer as well as through her employments with Greenwich Dance Agency, Chisenhale Dance Space and East London Dance. Silke has been creating, developing and producing dance activities, which range from consultation and career support schemes, artist bursaries, education projects (both within the formal and informal sector), community projects (for age groups 11-100), training opportunities, showcases and performances (both indoors and outdoors) and large-scale participatory projects involving up to 250 participants. With her company ZEITGEIST arts productions, Silke aims to work with national and international artists from the dance, performing arts and live art industries with a brave and challenging approach towards the arts.

Silke Arnold was a co-producer at the 60x60 Dance performance debut for the 60x60 (2010 / International Mix) at London's Open Weekend for the 2012 Olypmpics in East London's Stratford Circus.

"a night of artistic hors d'oeuvres!"

- Stephan Paschalides, TRENDTREKKING -

Stephanie Bernard

Stephanie Bernard

Stephanie Bernard is a Montreal-based choreographer, interpreter and improviser specialized in contemporary dance. She graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and moved back to her hometown in 2006. Recent works includes choreography and interpretation for CoMotion Farm's showcase, improvisations with Grasshoppa Dance Exchange and performance for Dracula, by Fallen Angels Production and for a short film produced by Biss Film. She's newly an administrator for Studio Fleur d'Asphalte and is associated to Les Imprudanses. She also performed for Lara Kramer, Gibson Muriva, Francois-Joseph Lapointe, Valerie Buddle, and was an apprentice to O Vertigo's company in the winter of 2007. Recently, she was choreographer for the Savoy Society's production of Pirates of Penzance and is looking forward to this new collaborative production.

Stephanie Bernard was the coordinator for the 60x60 (Order of Magnitude) Mix at the Canada Congress hosted by Concordia College in Montreal, Canada. She also debuted the 60x60 (2010 Canada Mix) at the Montreal Fringe Festival.

"60x60 Dance is a masterfully coordinated multimedia collaboration that features a surprising diversity of aesthetics." - Chris Gibson, BroadwayWorld.com -

Caterina Bartha

Caterina Bartha

CATERINA BARTHA is a management and producing consultant with over twenty years of experience in the performing arts. From 2008-2009 she served as Executive Director for Doug Varone and Dancers. She is a charter member of the Arts Leadership Institute and holds an MBA in Media Management. From 2003 - 2008 she served as Company Director for Bebe Miller Company, producing critically acclaimed and Bessie award winning Landing/Place(2005). She is a cofounding member of Collective: Unconscious.

Caterina Bartha was the coordinator for the 60x60 (Sanguine) Mix at Dance Parade in Tompkins Park, New York City.

"if you have in any way ever loved dance, or music... you owe it to yourself to check out 60x60"

- Eileen Elizabeth, iDANZ Critix Corner -

Erin Bomboy

Erin Bomboy

Erin Bomboy has performed as a professional ballet, contemporary, and competitive ballroom dancer. Classical ballet training includes scholarships at Houston Ballet Academy, Pacific Northwest Ballet Academy, and Virginia School of the Arts. She has danced with the Richmond Ballet, the Concert Ballet, and the Latin Ballet. Notable ballroom results include United States Rising Star American Smooth Finalist, Vice Theater Arts Champion, and North American Cabaret Finalist. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Dance at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Ms Bomboy has run her own innovative ballroom business in New York City called Start Dancing NYC which has been featured in Crain's, NYC Channel 7 news, and NYMother.com.

Erin Bomboy was a dance coordinator for the 60x60 (2010 / International) mix at the Shedon Theater in St Louis for the American Art Experience. She was also the coordinator for the 60x60 (Sanguine) Mix at Dance Parade in Tompkins Park, New York City, 60x60 (2009 / International) Mix in Kansas City at the Electronic Music Midwest festival, at the MadArt Gallery in St Louis, and the World Financial Center Winter Garden Atrium in New York City.

"an eclectic and delightful stew of original music and choreography."

- Carl Glassman, Tribeca Trib -

Amiti Perry

Amiti Perry

Amiti Perry is coordinating and "macro-choreographing" the 60x60 Dance tour in 2009 presenting this innovative dance performance in New York City; St Louis; Kansas City, Kansas, and Columbus, Ohio. Amiti Perry founded aemp:dance / amiti perry + company, a multi-directional, multi-dimensional contemporary dance company. In addition to working with her own company and 60x60 Dance, Amiti is a performing member of ellen stokes shadle/DANCEWORKS and seenperformance, and is curator and co-producer of Uptown Performance Series at Bridge for Dance. As co-founder of DIPdance with collaborator Coco Loupe with which she presented and performed works in New York, Texas, Louisiana and Ohio. She performed as a guest artist with Rachel Lampert and Dancers and performed, taught, assisted and designed, nationally and internationally, with Skip Costa/COREmovement Project-NYC.

Amiti Perry was the 60x60 dance coordinator to the first 60x60 Dance outside of New York City debuting the 60x60 (2009 / International) Mix in Columbus Ohio. She also coordinated the 60x60 (2009 / International) Mix in Kansas City at the Electronic Music Midwest festival, at the MadArt Gallery in St Louis, and the World Financial Center Winter Garden Atrium in New York City.

"an artistic "10," unexpected, and rewarding beyond all imagining."

- Joseph Pehrson, New Music Connoisseur -

Jeramy Zimmerman

Jeramy Zimmerman photo by Steven Schreiber

Jeramy Zimmerman is committed to bringing performance to unexpected places, thus helping the audience member to see her or his world in a slightly different way. Jeramy Zimmerman is a co-founder and the director of CatScratch Theatre. Her work for CatScratch Theatre has been performed on stages and in non-traditional places such as the Staten Island Ferry, In front of the New York City Stock Exchange, the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage and Chateau Cazals in southeastern France.

"The project began as an electroacoustic "tape" concert featuring 1-minute works by 60 composers in one hour. Since then, they have promoted the work of more than 1000 composers in 60X60 concerts all over the world. The project's director Robert Voisey and choreographer Jeramy Zimmerman are expanding the concept to include dance in the mix: 60 choreographers are presenting 60-second works in 60-second pieces by 60 composers. That sounds a lot more complicated than it is! We're ecstatic at the idea of witnessing so many original pieces of work, dance and music, in such a little amount of time. Think of it as a night of artistic hors d'oeuvres!" - by Stephan Paschalides- TRENDTREKKING
Jeramy Zimmerman was the 60x60 dance coordinator to the 60x60 (2006 / International) Mix for our first 60x60 Dance at Jan Hus Church, 60x60 (Evolution) Mix I & II and 60x60 (2006 & 2007) mixes at Galapagios Art Space, and the 60x60 (2008 / International) Mix at the World Financial Center Winter Garden.

60x60 is a project of Vox Novus
60x60 was created and founded by Robert Voisey to inspire, produce, promote, and disseminate the vast aesthetics and styles of contemporary composers being written by today's living composers.
More about Vox Novus and Robert voisey can be found on their perspective websites: